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  1. Running Wolf

    Green Bay Cop Kicks it Old School!

    Stumbled across a story about an officer in Green Bay that seems to be honestly attempting to bridge the gap between the people in the community and the people that control police them. From the article: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/holy-kickflip-batman-skateboarding-activist-cop/
  2. Running Wolf

    Couple of SB93 Questions

    I've read through the FAQ and found a couple of items I was hoping some on this forum could clarify for me: 1) The "bill modifies the prohibition against possession of a firearm . . . in a wildlife refuge" and state parks and fish hatcheries. Does this apply to both open and concealed carry...
  3. Running Wolf

    Are assemblymen and aldermen allowed to carry concealed in WI?

    Does anyone know if assemblymen and aldermen are allowed to carry concealed? If so what training requirement do they have to meet? Same for judges; what kind of training are they required to complete, if any? I ask because one of the assembly members at the AB126 bill yesterday, I think it...
  4. Running Wolf

    Wisconsin Public Radio CC Poll

    This poll has been mentioned in a couple of other threads but I though it deserved one of it's own . . . Vote in the poll: http://www.wpr.org/cardin/ Let's light up that switchboard!!! (For you youngsters out there that's a reference to an ancient technology called "land-based phone lines.")
  5. Running Wolf

    Racine County Line Rifle Club

    Are there any members of the RCLRC here that would be willing to sponsor me for membership? I just found out my sponsor cannot make it to the next two monthly BOD meetings and I'd rather not have to wait another three months. So if anyone is a current member and willing to sponsor me I'd be...
  6. Running Wolf

    Letter Senator Wanggaard

    Here's what I just wrote to Senator Wanggaard: I think it came out OK, I'd appreciate feedback . . .
  7. Running Wolf

    Senate Bill 79

    I received notification that SB79 has been introduced by Wanggaard that is "An Act to create 895.62 and 939.48 (1m) of the statutes; relating to: the privilege of self-defense." I can't find the actual bill only the history. Has anyone seen the bill itself? I don't like the sound of "the...
  8. Running Wolf

    Senator Recall Opportunities

    There are currently efforts underway to recall 7 democratic senators according to the Government Accountability Board. If any are in your district consider signing the petition and possibly volunteering or donating. Senators - Districts: Robert Wirch - 22 Mark Miller - 16 Jim Holperin - 12...
  9. Running Wolf

    Sunday Breakfast at Lizzy's Green Cafe....

    Anybody interested? I'm planning on doing some snowshoeing down the street at Bong in the morning, then some hot coffee and awesome eats! How does 10 o'clock sound?