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  1. ()pen(arry

    Does King County issue card-style CHLs?

    I searched for the thread I know I've read where this was discussed, but the vBulletin search functionality is an unmitigated pile of sh**. Plus, if I'd had reason to post in that thread, it would be a 2+ year necro, if memory serves. So anyway, does King County issue the newer, driver's...
  2. ()pen(arry

    2015 House Speaker election

    10 days, right? I guess technically 9 for Texans. Does Turner have any chance at all? How many of the Republican members of the Texas House are Farmers Branch Republicans?
  3. ()pen(arry

    First Saturday in Bothell, January 3

    Any interest? I haven't attended in quite a while, and I'm not sure if anyone shows up anymore. I'm up for a meet this Saturday, though.
  4. ()pen(arry

    A fool confronted with his folly

    I was walking through Bellevue Square on my way to my car, this afternoon, when a young guy with a clipboard in front of Container Store asked me how my day was going. I replied, "Well, and you?" He came back with, "Great. Will you fight for gay rights in the South?" I stopped, turned square to...
  5. ()pen(arry

    Hillsdale Mailer

    I got a big, fat mailer from Hillsdale College wanting me to give them permission to claim me as one of their sycophants. Dear Hillsdale, I have a tip for you: If you want me to think you actually give two sh'ts about liberty and the founding documents of this nation, rather than the...
  6. ()pen(arry

    Burgundian in Green Lake improperly posted

    The white and green signs have been moved to the windows on either side of the front entrance at Burgundian in Green Lake. The signs are required to be posted at the entrances to areas designated by the Liquor Control Board as off-limits to people under 21. Burgundian has, instead, posted them...
  7. ()pen(arry

    King County Voting Guide

    If the options are Yes or No, vote No If the options are Repealed or Maintained, vote Repealed If the options are people's names, don't vote† By such are integrity and liberty promoted. † I'd countenance a vote for Shadid over Bonner.
  8. ()pen(arry

    My response to a Rand 2016 fundraising email

    I gave him a little money for his original Senate campaign, really just because of his father. Now he's positioned himself as the head cheerleader for the 2014 Republican Senate campaign. Does that make him Mitch McConnell's toady?
  9. ()pen(arry

    Reaganite pours cold water on Republican excitement

    Why Republicans may not win the Senate after all I liked Ron better than I like Rand.
  10. ()pen(arry

    Washington LCB designation of off-limits to minors

    I've been trying to find a clear definition in the Liquor Control Board laws of what constitutes an area off-limits to a minor. I can only find a FAQ-style section talking about the definition of "liquor bar" and what parts of hotels are off-limits to minors. I can't find any complete definition...
  11. ()pen(arry

    Wrong t-shirt for OC :)

    A few years ago, my wife and I were bored at home and ended up watching the Thanksgiving special "Swampsgiving", a holiday episode of "Swamp People". Once in a while, trashy TV can be entertaining. In any case, we were endlessly amused with some of the dialect in the show, and for Christmas my...
  12. ()pen(arry

    Be on the lookout for barristas carrying.

    Sounds like Salt was 46 years late to the punch. I just noticed something... why does the poster show him shooting unprimed brass?
  13. ()pen(arry

    Puget Sound store for bullets/powder/primers?

    I've been shooting a lot, again, so I'm getting into reloading, and don't really want to pay the weight and hazmat fees to mail order bullets, powder, and primers from places like Midway. Where in the Puget Sound area should I go to buy this stuff?
  14. ()pen(arry

    OpticsPlanet... meh...

    What do you think of OpticsPlanet? I ordered a holster from them a while back, and it arrived a couple days late. No big deal. I ordered night sights through their Amazon store nine days ago, and they still haven't arrived (today being the last day of their estimated delivery). When I contacted...
  15. ()pen(arry

    My carry style, recently

    Lately, I don't so much choose whether to carry open or concealed as I decide what's more comfortable with the shirt I'm wearing. If it would be awkward to tuck the shirt inside the grip of the PPQ, I drape it over; otherwise, I carry openly. At no time, however, do I give two rat sh'ts about...
  16. ()pen(arry

    Before you buy a Blade-Tech holster

    Some cautionary advice. I ordered a Blade-Tech Drop/Offset paddle holster a little while back. Before you order anything from them, take note of a couple things: They don't want you to know about the lead time on shipment. Be aware that they don't indicate out-of-stock on holsters. They will...
  17. ()pen(arry

    Gerbig Militaria = Frowny Face

    I won an auction on gunbroker.com for a Walther P99/PPQ (1st edition) 15-rd 9mm magazine, being auctioned by Gerbig Militaria in Lincoln, Nebraska. The super short version is that their communication is pretty sub-standard, and while the magazine looks unused, the auction explicitly stated that...
  18. ()pen(arry

    Opinions on JBP paddle holsters

    http://www.jbpholsters.com/servlet/the-Paddle-Holsters/Categories Now those are just beautiful. Couple questions: Color: That light brown color is gorgeous, especially with the contrast stitching. Is it, however, too showy for an OC holster? I'm not worried about offending anyone, nor do I wat...
  19. ()pen(arry

    Duluth Ballroom Jeans

    Anyone have any first-hand experience with these jeans? I'm fed up with trying on jeans in stores and only finding assgloves. I used to be very comfortable in Banana Republic relaxed-fit jeans, but apparently the standard girl-man of today finds having his thighs shrink-wrapped relaxing. Not...
  20. ()pen(arry

    Blade-Tech carbon "color"

    I'm about to order a Blade-Tech OWB paddle, as well as double mag holder, for my PPQ. I'm a little tempted by the carbon "color" (example here), but there's a tiny tacticool-warning siren sounding in the back of my mind. Is that coloration just dorky? Should I just be my normal, conservative...