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  1. 4angrybadgers

    unicorn (?) sighting in Hattiesburg on 10/24

    I just remembered to post this - it was a busy weekend and I forgot for a few days. Saturday 10/24, around 11:30 AM, I was in transit between Academy Sports in Hattiesburg and the public range in Brooklyn - on Hardy St. in front of USM campus to be exact. Saw a young-ish man walking on the...
  2. 4angrybadgers

    Which one of you...

    ...was in the Hattiesburg Hwy 49 Wal-Mart Sunday afternoon around 1:20PM? I saw a feller in blue jeans and a 5.11 T-shirt with an OWB holstered pistol walking through the store as I entered, but he was too far away for me to get his attention and I didn't want to make a scene. ;) I was pretty...
  3. 4angrybadgers

    Next step(s) in getting illegal signs removed from county library

    Recently a raft of "no firearms/weapons allowed" signs have been appearing around Hattiesburg, especially on city and county buildings. The one that really pissed me off is on the Hattiesburg/Petal/Forrest County library (because I like to get books from there occasionally). In a reply from the...
  4. 4angrybadgers

    Suggestion: collapsible quotes (or other tag)

    As I type a post including long quoted sections of state law, it occurred to me that it would be nice to have a collapsible-box-of-text tag. Something that I can wrap around a large block of text and have it collapsed by default, with a link/button/whatever to expand/collapse it. I'm trying to...
  5. 4angrybadgers

    Poll Feature?

    When you're creating a thread, there's a checkbox at the very bottom (under Additional Options) to create a poll.
  6. 4angrybadgers

    House Bill 2 - Clarifying "concealed", and other changes

    Looks like Rep. Gipson wants to clarify that whole "concealment" thing. :) http://weaponsystems.tumblr.com/post/40187477686/mississippi-representative-andy-gipson-files-first http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/2013/pdf/history/HB/HB0002.xml I haven't exhaustively read the bill text yet, but...
  7. 4angrybadgers


    No skin off my back, maverick boy. Just laughing at your stupidity and obstinate refusal to just log off. You're making a fireworks show over nothing - but looking back at your posting history, I guess that's just who you are. P.S. I bet he'll sign back in and fire off another wild salvo...
  8. 4angrybadgers

    Had a good conversation about OC in Sam's Club (Hattiesburg)

    I was shopping at Sam's Club with my 1-year-old daughter last night. An older gentleman approached me in the aisle and asked "if one had to be an officer of the law to wear that", referring to my RIA 1911 on my hip. A very cordial conversation ensued about legal carry in MS, and the reasons for...
  9. 4angrybadgers

    Date/time for a Hattiesburg OC meet. Vote!

    OK guys, 6PM tomorrow at Newk's. Georg and Daylen, I'll PM you guys my cell #, and if you could give me maybe a 20-minute heads-up that'll make sure I'm there ahead of everyone. If anyone else is coming and wants my contact info, PM me and I'll send it.
  10. 4angrybadgers

    Hattiesburg OC dinner 12/3 - location

    Vote on a location for the Hattiesburg OC dinner (12/3 6PM). Old Athens Grill Caliente Grill Sweet Pepper's Deli McAlister's Deli Newk's Cafe
  11. 4angrybadgers

    Date/time for a Hattiesburg OC meet. Vote!

    Let's get some answers from folks. What date and time would you be able to make it to Hattiesburg for an open carry meet? I should add that if it's Sunday I won't be able to make it, so someone else will have to take over final arrangements.
  12. 4angrybadgers

    Do we have anything like a "stop and identify" law?

    I'm perusing the MS Code for any laws specifying how you must identify yourself to a police officer during a "Terry stop". I have read cites in other threads that some states only require you to verbally identify yourself by your name and address, and that you are not required to have any sort...
  13. 4angrybadgers

    Shotgun light+mount recommendations

    After reading the excellent and plentiful advice given in Jim Thorpe's thread asking about a home defense shotgun, I had some more questions about recommendations for a shotgun light+mount. I have a Remington 870 Express 20ga Youth model (1" or 2" shorter LOP, so my wife can hold it...
  14. 4angrybadgers

    Politeness and courtesy go a long way

    imported post At the OC breakfast this morning I was asked whether I had experienced any negative LEO attention. I said that I had never had any trouble from anybody, not even a question or a scared look. Today that changed... :) This afternoon I went to the Lowe's in Hammond with my parents...
  15. 4angrybadgers

    Had my first opportunity to OC this weekend

    imported post I live in the carry-confused state of MS, but I travel back to LA every weekend to attend a house church, and visit friends and family. Most times I can't really OC, since we drive straight to my in-laws' house without stopping, and there are so many little children around that...