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  1. ImJustMylan

    New to the PA OC Threads

    :lol: Hello Fellow PA OC'ers. I just wanted to introduce myself. I was in the NC threads some years back. We had regular meet up's and such then I moved to Marylandistan. Thats when I went cold turkey. But I now have moved North to York County and I am free as a bird. If you guys do any meetups...
  2. ImJustMylan

    What Have I Gotten Myself Into (Moving to MD from NC)

    Ohhh the horror.. I have been on a OC binge mission since I got my one way plane ticket from Charlotte, NC to Baltimore, MD. I did my research prior to my decision to move but, I still feel as though I made a bad decision. My main question is now.. besides getting a permit to carry... (which...
  3. ImJustMylan

    My 100 place OC Bucket List (moving to maryland)

    Well I dont actually have a list of all the places I want to OC. But this will be an updating list of all the places I HAVE OC'd at. I am leaving NC to live in MD. Of course there the whole OC thing is out of the window there. So in anticipation of my depature. I will try to OC in 100 different...
  4. ImJustMylan

    NC OC experience reports

    Sound like a little kid with their first toy gun..... But MOMMY what happens if the monsters come get me? :banghead: You and the whole getting robbbed, should have a gun out and open on you at all times, so you can kill the bad guy blah blah:cry:. Im pretty sure you know about this slogan
  5. ImJustMylan

    To OC or Not To OC is the Question

    I have seen in several topics mainly directed towards me and my opinions on where I do and do not OC. The north carolina law state laws prohibit OC or CCW in the following places. •on public or private school property. •In any assembly where a fee has been charged for admission. •In any...
  6. ImJustMylan

    Charlotte Area OC Meet & Greet (Updated Regularly)

    COME ONE COME ALL!!! Next scheduled Charlotte Area Meet & Greet will be... Saturday, October 22nd 2011 @ 4:00pm Five Guys Burgers & Fries North Crest Shopping Center 9749 Northlake Centre Parkway, Suite E Charlotte, NC 28216 Phone: 704-596-2292 Fax: 704-596-2380 Message ImJustMylan for...
  7. ImJustMylan

    Thankful that North Carolina is an OC state

    :) I never understood how lucky we NC residents are compared to other states until I started looking @ other states forums. Dear lord... I had intentions to moving to California.. That is just a headache waiting to happen. Then I finally decided that I was going to move to Maryland... Which...
  8. ImJustMylan

    Harrassed & Threatened by High Point PD

    Wow, now that is just plain stupid. Im actually thinking about (which I shouldn't have to in North Carolina) the new Scorpion Police Cameras. They are a thump sized DVR camera that records in high def and attaches to where ever you want it. It cost around $100 but I think its better than me...
  9. ImJustMylan

    Finally I am a OC'er in Charlotte, NC

    I just recently got my first handgun @ the great age of 22... I've had my permit since 21 but just didnt find any good deals. Well I finally ended up pulling the trigger on a sale of a Glock 30 (.45 Cal) I got from Carolina Sport & Arms on South Blvd. I havent decided if I want to get a...