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    Moncton shooting: 3 RCMP officers dead, 2 wounded

    A very sad incident indeed. :cry: Prayers, for all the families, friends & co-workers involved.
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    Missouri Lawmakers Pass Bill to Arm Teachers

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    Is THIS OC Enuff for ya' ?

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    Panetta: No time to respond in Benghazi

    Benghazi White House Cover-Up Revealed? ***Hillary on Libya: 'What Difference Does It Make?'*** link:> http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/01/23/Hillary-What-Difference-Does-it-make ***Benghazi White House Cover-Up Revealed?- Part 1 of 5*** link;>...
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    Gun Friendly & Gun Free Zones

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    This is why you should CC and not OC

    0C or CC,,, THAT is The Question ! IMHO, the key point being missed here is this,,, ***Situational Awareness*** :exclaim: by Mas Ayoob,,, >>> http://www.personaldefenseworld.com/2013/12/situational-awareness-tactics-to-spot-threats/ If you = (the general populace) are just going through life...
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    Need some help: wife opposes me carrying

    "Knowledge is neither good nor evil, but takes its character from how it is used. In like manner, weapons defend the lives of those who wish to live peacefully, and they also, on many occasions kill [murder] men, not because of any wickedness inherent in them but because those who wield them do...
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    Need some help: wife opposes me carrying

    :idea:Try giving a *Power Point Presentation* Lunch with your wife and some friends. :idea: Call it "Pizza with a POW" :exclaim::exclaim::exclaim: Here's some pics to assist ya' gettin' started. clic on pics,,, Just trying to help. :)
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    Are there any paid government shills here on opencarry.org?

    Just because you're Paranoid doesn't mean They aren't after you :exclaim: clic on pic,,, :lol:
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    Texas man not allowed to vote for wearing pro-2A T-shirt

    Wow, in Texas, it must be Bushs' fault some how ! :rolleyes:
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    The Cadre

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    Seeking 22 Mag. Pistol Info.

    I am looking for any information, opinions & reviews on 22 Mag. pistols. I have searched on-line for 22 Mags., but there doesn't seem to be much out there, Used or New. I know about the Kel-Tek PMR 30 but I am hoping to find a more practical, dependable & less expensive alternative for a Full...
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    Constitutional Carry, Open/Concealed, At Your Service/ Militia Law & Legal Definition

    Constitutional Carry, Open/Concealed, At Your Service/ Militia Law & Legal Definition ?
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    Billions of $ used in Foreign Aid to Pakistan would Support our LEO's in school

    Money money everywhere but not a cent for OUR Children !