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  1. celticredneck

    Amelia County is At It Again!

    When I renewed my CHP in 2013, The county clerk sent my mailed in renewal application back to me saying, "that I had to renew in person and fill out the form for a new background check. My wife is in the process of renewing her permit and called the clerk to ask if the first page of the...
  2. celticredneck

    Lost a Friend in the Aug 5th Pennsylvania shooting.

    I just found out today that a friend of mine was the supervisor who was killed in that shooting. When the shooting started, Dave, my friend, grabbed the woman in front of him, pushed her to the floor and protected her with his body. He was shot twice in the back as he covered her.
  3. celticredneck

    Left Handed Holster for Keltec PF9

    Does anyone know where I can get a left handed holster to fit the Keltec PF9. It is my wife's gun and she wants something for open carry. I saw a Crossbreed, but she doesn't like that because it has no retention. My price range is $50 or less. Fobus has a decent looking holster, but they don't...
  4. celticredneck

    Update on my Amelia County CHP renewal.

    Okay, I decided to be a nice guy and give the court what they requested for my renewal, that is a copy of my current permit and a self addressed stamped envelope. They returned my application(in my self addressed envelope) for the following reasons: 1 I forgot to list eye color (okay...
  5. celticredneck

    This Gives Open Carry a Bad Image

    Sorry, no pics, but maybe that's a good thing. Anyhow, as I was sitting in the car waiting for my wife to purchase some things in the Dollar Store, I noticed a young Gentleman(?) enter the store. He was wearing a black bandana and his pants were down halfway to his knees, exposing about half of...
  6. celticredneck

    Amelia County CHP renewal

    My permit is due for renewal in mid October, so I called the clerk of the court to inquire as to the cost. Surprise, it is still only $15 dollars and they have no problem accepting it by mail, as long as the application is notarized. However, they do want me to send a copy of my current permit...
  7. celticredneck

    Threating email?

    Not sure where I should post this, so mods feel free to move it to the proper place. Anyhow I received an email from someone called slicetiger. I opened it and it was an email saying that someone "very close to me had hired him to kill me, ande that I shouldn't go out anywhere after 7pm. It...
  8. celticredneck

    What is The Most Reliable Pistol you own or have owned

    I'm talking about pistols here not revolvers. For me it is my current preferred carry gun, my S&W 457. I have never had any kind of failure with this pistol, from right out of the box to nearly a thousand rounds through it. I have mixed ball ammo with hollow points and different bullet weights...
  9. celticredneck

    Handgun Hunting

    Have any of the deer hunters here tried deer hunting with a handgun? Due to some recent medical problems, I can't shoulder mu 30-06 or my 12 gauge slug gun because the central line I have installed for chemo treatments might be crushed by the recoil. As a result, I am hunting from a ground...
  10. celticredneck

    This guy has my vote for Amelia County sheriff

    This past weekend, Bruce Almarode, candidate for Amelia County sheriff dropped by my home to hand out some campaign information and to ask for my vote. I had just been awakened by him ringing the door bell after falling asleep watching the TV, so I wasn't totally with it right then. As a...
  11. celticredneck

    Excellent 2nd amendment lawyers on the Va forum

    While everyone here is familiar with User and Skidmark's ongoing Surry saga. I'd also like to recommend Mark Matthews of the Matthews law group in Richmond. He did an excellent job handling my wife's appeal of her CHP denial in Amelia, and at a very reasonable price. Mark posts here on the forum...
  12. celticredneck

    Finally Uploaded an avatar

    I finally designed and uploaded an avatar. It is my clan tartan with a picture of my usual carry gun, the S&W Model 457, superimposed over it. It represents my Scottish/Scot Irish ancestry and my 2nd Amendment rights.
  13. celticredneck

    Anyone in The Roanoke area hear about a man in Kroger store spraying something?

    My daughter called, on the way home from bowling last night. She had stopped at a local Kroger store and on the way home, the vehicle in front of her T-boned a motor scooter that was being chased by police. It seems that the guy on the scooter had walked into the Kroger just after she left...
  14. celticredneck

    Freedom of information request?

    A relative of mine applied for a CWP in Virginia. After several weeks a deputy called her regarding her application and a felony arrest as a 16 year old in the state of North Carolina during 1976. The case was Nolle Prossed in 1978, and she has heard nothing more about it since then. However...
  15. celticredneck

    Imteresting call from my daughter

    imported post My daughter called me with a question. She lives in Roanoke with her, in the sister's house. Her sister's boyfriend has been serving time for a non-violent offense, but is to be released in January. My daughter said that her sister just informed her that she would have to get rid...
  16. celticredneck

    Legal posting methods in Virginia

    imported post I've been thinking about carrying in the Colonial Heights Southpark mall. I hardly ever enter anywhere other than at the entrance where the new Regal Cinema 16 is located. I have been told(not by any mall employee) that the mall is posted at the main entrance as a no carry zone...
  17. celticredneck

    Thought I saw someone open carrying at a Dinwiddie Foodlion

    imported post I was at my local Foodlion(at least the closest one) and saw someone come in the door who definitely was wearing a holster. I moved so I could get a better look, and it was a holster but it was empty. I was concealed carrying. I have looked for signs at both entrances several...
  18. celticredneck

    Anyone know where I can find a Bersa Thunder

    imported post My daughter has decided ti put off buying a new laptop until next year, and purchase the pistol instead. She still wants the Bersa, but I have not been able to find one in my area, Does anyone know of a gun/sporting goods store within 50 or so miles of the Richmond area that has...
  19. celticredneck

    My daughter wants a pistol

    imported post My daughter informed me over the Thanksgiving holidays that she wants to buy a handgun. It seems that the area of Roanoke that she and her sister live in isn't quite as safe an area as they thought. Twice in the last year, they have been awakened by someone pounding on the back...
  20. celticredneck

    Amelia County Concealed carry permit.update

    imported post While I do open carry much of the time that I carry my gun, I wanted to get my CCW permit for the colder, when my gun might be covered by a winter jacket. The thread referenced in the link below details my problems with the application...