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  1. usmcbess

    Open carry still alive in Missouri?

    It has been a while since I have visited the forum and it looks like there hasn't been a whole lot of activity. Drop a comment and lets see who is still around! I wouldn't mind organizing another get together!
  2. usmcbess

    STL area OC lunch/brunch/whatever

    Hello everyone! Its been a while since I have posted in the OCDO forums but i'm back! Anyone interested in having another get together again sometime in the near future?We could do Eureka this time maybe? Lets get together and get the wheels turning on taking back our rights. No need to wait for...
  3. usmcbess

    OC while on the water

    I was kayaking the other day and was thinking what about open carry on the rivers of Missouri. Does anyone have any knowledge or insight they can offer?
  4. usmcbess

    by far the best open carry stop ever!

    This guy is great! Please take the time to listen to this and learn what your rights are and how to calmly exercise them in the face of aggressive and uneducated LEO's. Wow is all I have to say. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXwW2nrV0bY
  5. usmcbess

    City of Washington OC ban

    http://www.emissourian.com/news/washington_news/article_61c56e96-5859-50b9-b0ba-2de69b4339ec.html The city of Washington is attempting to introduce a ban on OC. The joirnalism in the article is just peachy. *sarcasm* We need to pull together and fight this head on!
  6. usmcbess

    Drawn on by Missouri State Patrolman

    Had a shotgun pointed at me by a state patrolman today in Washington, Missouri for OC'ing.
  7. usmcbess

    They are lucky I was closeing my account

    I'm eating at Beijing now after comin from my former bank, the Bank of Franklin County, in Washington. I set up a free checking account with them a few months back solely for getting my taxes back quicker. As I went in today to withdraw my remaining funds and close the account a teller, who's...
  8. usmcbess

    OC "lunch" in Pacific!

    We will be having the lunch on April 1st at 4:30 at Deangelo's Pizza. The address is 101 E Union St, Pacific, MO 63069. Put the word out there! Friends, family, and loved ones welcome!
  9. usmcbess

    OC get together Pacific

    When should it be? 1. Last Sunday of this month 2. First Sunday of next month
  10. usmcbess


    Im not aware of any civilian access shoothouses in the greater Stl area. It would be awesome to have on around here. Im sure it would be a nightmare insurance wise for the owner.
  11. usmcbess

    Seattle Hempfest

    Bring OC to the Seattle hempfest! Not all marijuana supporters are pro gun but some are! Spread the word on OC by atteding!
  12. usmcbess

    richmond hieghts short

    i went to richmond heights yesterday to bring my mom to a doctors apointment. i looked in the city ordanances and could see an OC ban. Just to be safe I went to the richmond heights police station and asked an officer. he told me " no there is no ordanace.... but is it frowned upon yes." he also...
  13. usmcbess

    City of Washington get together

    I will be eating open carry at Beijing Chinese buffet in the City of Washington on Saturday at 11:00 A.M.. The city of Washington does not require a ccw to open carry and I have done so there many times.BInam also trying to find the person who oc's a big revolver in the union/Washington area...
  14. usmcbess

    OC @ dunkin donuts

    Yesterday i visited the Washington wal-mart which now has a dunkin donuts in it. I bought a few things in wal-mart and saw that dunkin donuts had a wifi signal. So I stoped in there and got something to eat and drink. To my dismay I found out that there wifi signal was on a secured network. The...
  15. usmcbess

    OC in state parks legal?

    is OC in state parks legal?
  16. usmcbess

    Items compatable with SA XD(M) .40 compact?

    I am haveing trouble finding items compatable with my XD(M) .40 compact. Can anyone provide me with links?
  17. usmcbess

    Please join my Fcaebook group "Abolish the Gun-Free School Zone Act"

    Please Join my Facebook group "Abolish the Gun-Free School Zone Act"
  18. usmcbess

    Going to try and get Senator Nieves opinion on OC

    calling into a talk show to ask Sen. Nieves about OC and constitutional carry. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/derekdreamer1/2011/04/06/episode-24-interview-wsenator-brian-nieves-missouri
  19. usmcbess

    Which one is compatable?

    I just got a sspringfield XDM 3.8 compact .40. I want to get a blackhawk serpa level 3 duty holster. The tech rep told me on the phone that the XD holster would work fine for it but when I went to the website there was no XD holster. Which one should I get?
  20. usmcbess

    We need to secure the Attorney General's opinion!

    One step in the right direction for open carry in the state of Missouri would be to secure the opinion of the Attorney General with the following question. Is open carrying a firearm in and of itself reasonable suspicion to detain a person? The problem with this is the AG can only issue an...