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    Load bearing belts

    So I am getting annoyed with my belt lately. It is a comfortable belt without the holster, but when I do it is a little awkward. Just wondering what others would recommend for belts that I can use when I go shooting with out attaching it to my waist belt. Just something I can throw on over the...


    I just want to mention that OpenCarry.org was mentioned on the Politics And Guns podcast. The last three have been pretty busy with open carry with Open Carry South Dakota and South Dakota Open Carry. Should be able to download the episodes. http://politicsandguns.libsyn.com/

    Patches and other stuff

    Open Carry South Dakota still has patches available for FREE! Just PM with an address and ill send you one. I believe Adam from South Dakota Open Carry has some t-shirts available also for purchase. Just check out the face book site for details.


    Wanna get some free ammo? Check out this facebook page and just like and post underneath the video. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zombie-Hit-Response-Team/292678710751202

    Engraving I think?

    I was online and I saw like on the back of a Glock or a XD there is a decale or a engraving or something by the firing pin. I would like to put something like that on my XD. Can someone help me out?

    Horizontal MOLLE holster

    Hey I am interested in getting a MOLLE holster for an LBE. I know that TAC-FORCE made one but they don't anymore. I tried looking around the internet but could not locate one. Just reaching out to see if you guys/gals know where I may acquire one.

    New facebook page

    To express our rights to open carry here in the State of South Dakota I invite everyone to take a look at our page and 'Like" us on Facebook. Here is the link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Open-Carry-South-Dakota/173558332716642#!/pages/Open-Carry-South-Dakota/173558332716642

    Sioux City OC

    Went to Sioux City for a dentist appointment. OCed at the Starbucks and Staples. Really good encounter with two elderly ladies at starbucks. Great conversation about guns and other happenings in the area. Big Positive experience.

    Some people are lame

    So last night I went to the bar with a friend I had many people come up to me and asked if I am the one OCing. Of course some disagree with my OCing. Later that night I met another friend and told me that " I should go and talk at schools so kids understand why I am carrying a handgun around." I...

    Vets and military members

    Eat Free at Applebee's Military veterans and active-duty Service Members will be able to eat free at any Applebee's across the U.S. on Veteran’s Day, Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010. There will be six entrées available from the menu. Guests will be asked to show one or more of the following as proof of...

    VFW in south dakota

    Just wondering your guys opinion on OC in the local VFW. I assume they sell alcoholic beverages mostly but since it is a non profit organization I can carry in there? I ask because of this south dakota statute- No person may possess a firearm while in an alcohol establishment which derives...

    Hibbett Sports

    Just want to inquire about Hibbett sporting goods store. There is one moving into my area up here in south dakota and just want to know what your experiences are since they are based out of Atlanta. Feel free to post here also if you have one from another state. Just wanna get a feel of what...


    Ok I have not found anything in SD law prohibiting me from OCing in a Firehouse. I plan on Ocing at the vermillion Firehouse because they are having an open house deal this wendsday so any clarification would be great.

    Carry on a sidewalk

    OK it is is not a catchey title but whocares lol. Between where I live and bunch of businesses there is a University. Now is it ok for me to walk on the side walk to get to those businesses? I am not cutting through the campus or anything but when I walk down the street there is University...

    Parable of the Sheep

    Thought it was a pretty good gun parable. Just sharing it with the rest of you guys. http://www.abhijeetsingh.com/arms/india/sheep/

    Indian Reservation and carry

    I am just wondering about open carry on Indain Reservations. Not in Casinos because on most reservations you are not allowed to anyway. I live in an area where my state and adjoining states have reservations so I just wanna get the overall feel about OCing and firearms in general.

    BlackHawk Holster

    I got the black hawk thigh holster for Bretta and i lost the little clips that attach the holster to the belt. i was wondering if anyone knew where i can get a replacements?

    Repealing a County Ordinance

    I plan on trying to Repeal a County Firearm Ordinance in the State of South Dakota . Here is the County ordiance and the State Preemption. "Sec. 7 uncased firearms and bows are prohibited in any of the Clay County Park area with the following exceptions: Uncased firearms and bows are permitted...

    Nearest Firearm Instructor

    Ok I would like to know the nearest Firearm instructor for my permit to carry. I am a Minnesota Resident going to college here in South Dakota. Would like to get the permit this summer. Area that i live in is Worthington,MN. i know there was a gentelman from brewster be he doesn't hold many...

    Shooting Targets

    imported post Just wondering where i can get M16A2/M4 zeroing targets and m16a2/m4 paper qualifying targets? Need to help a soldier with the rifle qual.