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  1. Vitaeus

    Red Flags and White Supremacists. American Thinker .com

    "Swatting", reporting FB posts, no one ever says untrue things during a breakup or divorce.... Sounds like a truly bad idea, besides the colossal ignorance of the Bill of Rights...
  2. Vitaeus

    Kitsap County Open Carry Report

    Anyone still around in Kitsap? Life gets so full...
  3. Vitaeus

    OCer stopped at Springfield Walmart with gun, 100 rds of ammo

    1st He is an idiot, legal, but an idiot 2nd hopefully he gets a good lawyer, since this would be a horrible precedent to allow 3rd Firefighter might just have been doing his best with limited information, but no immediate threat should not involve drawing your firearm, let alone pointing at...
  4. Vitaeus

    State Agency acting as land lord

    Can anyone point me to the court decisions that allow the State as a landlord to limit firearms? I am researching a State Park contract that requires no firearms as a condition of the rent/lease of part of the park.
  5. Vitaeus

    OT: Bauer "Criminal Negligence" case going to WA Supreme Court

  6. Vitaeus

    Port Orchard, National Night Out Tuesday, August 6th from 6:00-8:30

    First email from the Port Orchard Police received, we had a dozen folks there last year. Have a volunteer for table(s) and some chairs, anyone on our side of the water have pamphlets? I forget, who has a banner we can use? I am definitely NOT going to be back from Virginia before this, I showed...
  7. Vitaeus

    Visitor from Washington State

    Folks, I will be spending a few months in your fair state, I am looking for a good resource on your state's law's, I am very familiar with RCW 9.41 in Washington state and the small number of other laws that apply to open and concealed carry. Would anyone be willing to point me towards the...
  8. Vitaeus

    Poulsbo Library: Civics 101 January 20, February 23, March 30th

    This looks interesting and I am going to attempt to attend the first two sessions, I expect to be out of town for the 3rd. I will be open carrying to the event and think it would be interesting if some more of us attended to enjoy the presentation and to participate in the discussions. Edit...
  9. Vitaeus

    OT- Looking for article

    I am having trouble finding an article that came up in a discussion here. It was an essay explaining how Federal and State law interact as far as which can be more or less restrictive.
  10. Vitaeus

    OT-Good article to get us thinking

    http://limatunesrangediary.blogspot.com/2012/12/fighting-to-gun.html Blogger that talks about gun issues, this article is about what are your options besides the gun or if the gun is unavailable.
  11. Vitaeus

    Port Orchard Walmart encounter

    Had a nice conversation with a fellow today, I really need to start carrying flyers with me. I forgot to mention the Kitsap meetup next Saturday at the Hideaway Cafe in P.O. Link to the meetup thread http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?108622-Kitsap-Open-Carry-Meet-up
  12. Vitaeus

    local reason to carry

    Reasons to carry at home, though the article doesn't say when the shooting occurred. http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2012/nov/26/shelton-woman-who-was-shot-at-door-dies-of-wound/
  13. Vitaeus

    Shoulder holster for pregnant woman?

    Wife normally open carries a Sig P226 in a Serpa CQC, wearing a belt is becoming uncomfortable and we are looking at getting her a shoulder holster that does not use a belt for support/stability what are some brands/styles folks would recommend so when we go to the store to shop we have a...
  14. Vitaeus

    The Winnebago citation

    At the Night Out a question came up about is an RV a home or a vehicle, this is the WA Supreme Court case that seems applicable to me. http://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=12540133575062513898&hl=en&as_sdt=2&as_vis=1&oi=scholarr State v. Vrieling tl;dr it is a vehicle and subject to a...
  15. Vitaeus

    9.41.050 and 9.41.060 discussion

    http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=9.41.050 http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=9.41.060 http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/historics/USSC_CR_0392_0001_ZS.html Terry v. Ohio http://caselaw.findlaw.com/wa-supreme-court/1329012.html State v. Duncan...
  16. Vitaeus

    4473 change added new box 10a

    Interesting find on another website and here is the official link to the ATF form, they added a new box to the 4473, 10a, what the Frack does that have to do with gun ownership? http://www.atf.gov/forms/download/atf-f-4473-1.pdf
  17. Vitaeus

    Found a scary article from last month

    http://pugetsoundblogs.com/kitsap-crime/2012/06/21/fake-shooting-911-call-leads-to-scary-situation-for-kingston-family/ To make it on topic, what level of response would be appropriate for those of us who open-carry on their property? No one in that situation had a "good" choice and it was none...
  18. Vitaeus

    Tuesday, August 7th, Port Orchard Night Out 430pm to 830pm

    Received the first e-mail about this event, if I can find a few Kitsap or other folks willing to come over for the evening, we can have a table to talk to folks and hand out pamphlets. The event is down at the marina in Port Orchard and there shouldn't be any issues with open carry during the...
  19. Vitaeus

    Chuck E Cheese

    Finally found a company that makes it very clear their position on firearms. "No firearms allowed. Possession of a firearm will result in being trespassed" This is much clearer than the ghostbuster sign with a firearm in it or a random citation of the RCW's. Don't necessarily agree on the...