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  1. bluehighways

    Menomonie city council desperately wants to be as lame as Eau Claire's

    Our highly intelligent and well-informed local pinheads are at it again, this time in Menomonie. Heeeeeeeeeeeeere's the link: http://www.leadertelegram.com/news/front_page/article_3cd016d4-ee46-11e0-8359-001cc4c03286.html
  2. bluehighways

    Eau Claire councilman proposes signs on bars law for Eau claire

    I read this in the Eau Claire "Leader-Fishwrap" today. I'll paraphrase what I saw. An Eau Claire city councilman is proposing a city law that will require bars and restaurants that serve alcohol to post a 5" x 7" sign on their entrance that states "Guns and alcohol don't mix!" The councilman...
  3. bluehighways

    As we get closer to application day....

    The rumors are starting to fly about. I'm not going to spend much energy at all worrying about rumors. I do, however wonder out of sheer morbid curiosity what kinds of screw ups we will experience when the first wave (oops, I used the "W" word!) of applications for CC goes into processing...
  4. bluehighways

    Ordered my new pistol today!

    Today (well, Friday actually) before work I stopped into my favorite LGS and ordered my new pistol: Glock 36. That's the subcompact slimline 'single stack six' in .45acp .45acp is my preferred round in a pistol and I decided that my G21 is just too damn big and heavy to use as a daily CC/OC...
  5. bluehighways

    Quick question regarding CC/OC

    I am wondering this: When my wife and I get our shiny new Wisconsin CC permits, will we be able to enjoy the new privileges afforded us by being permit holders and still OC? Another, perhaps more direct way to ask this question: We live in a GFSZ. Playing by the rules, I get the permit, carry...
  6. bluehighways

    Using Google maps to locate GFSZ's

    Hi all. I believe this was discussed in an old thread, but it's been a while. How do I use Google maps to identify the 'forbidden zones' around school properties? I've seen pics posted of a grey ring on google maps identifying the 1000' perimeter of the GFSZ, but I don't know how to make maps...
  7. bluehighways

    Stand Your Ground law in Florida results in good shoot for lone jogger.

    Here's the link. http://www.truecrimereport.com/2011/01/thomas_baker_cleared_for_shoot.php Stand your ground works in Florida. It would be nice if Wisconsin would catch on one of these years. Make sure to read the comments. Most are pretty good.
  8. bluehighways

    Another tragedy due to inability to carry in Illinois

    imported post http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_CHICAGO_OFFICER_KILLED?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2010-05-20-23-47-52 This is from AP news. A young man returning from Iraq was shot and killed in Chicago when attempting to keep his new motorcycle from being stolen...
  9. bluehighways

    OC in National Forest Campgrounds question answered by LEO

    imported post A short while back I started a thread to try and answer the question of OC in Chequamegon / Nicolet national forest campgrounds. I just got off the phone with the LEO at the Chequamegon forest supervisor's office in Park Falls, whom I had contacted last week and he has answered...
  10. bluehighways

    Anyone know if OC is legal on National Forest land?

    imported post Answered it myself. Never mind.
  11. bluehighways

    which ammo is the right choice?

    imported post Hi all. This is my first thread, been lurking here for a while and posted a couple of times. First some background info: I regularly travel along the I-94 beltline between EC and Kenosha. I've been an avid shooter for years but have never OC'd outside of the deep woods...