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  1. Nevada carrier

    My letter to Clark County Parks and Rec.

    Sent to; CCPR Police Div. CDR.: Roy A. Michael CCPR Director: Jane Pike CCPR Assistant director: Mindy Meyers I will keep you updated on the responses
  2. Nevada carrier

    permitted events held on public property

    This question pertains to the effect SB175 will have on event permits. As some of you know, some jurisdictions here in Southern Nevada REQUIRE that a permittee bar people from bringing "weapons" into the event, even though it's held on public property, and is sometimes free to attend. Also...
  3. Nevada carrier

    Open Carry Blue Card Burning Party, let the planning begin

    SB175 has passed the legislature, sadly, without the inclusion of campus carry. Nevertheless and assuming it is not vetoed by the governor, which I doubt will happen, The time has come for us to finally have a get together, celebrating our victory! I propose we gather at either Sunset Park or...
  4. Nevada carrier

    Sen Judiciary Chair Brower, refuses to hear AB148, A.k.a. Campus Carry

    URGENT ACTION NEEDED! It seems Senator Brower is confirmed that he will be refusing to hear AB148 and is killing it. Which is odd because he voted in favor of it in 2011. Read more here: http://votefiore.com/2015/05/08/if-you-cant-walk-the-talk-i-will-hold-you-accountable/
  5. Nevada carrier

    Interesting read RE: Open Carry in Public Buldings

    The following was submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committeee ahead of today's hearing on AB352.
  6. Nevada carrier

    [CALL TO ACTION] AB148, referred to Senate Judiciay, Unleash the dogs

    It is my pleasure to report to you that Assembly Bill 148 has cleared the Nevada Assembly and has now been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. We must make a continuous effort to urge Senator Greg Brower, Chairman, to schedule a hearing and work session on this bill. If his offices...
  7. Nevada carrier

    Campus Carry Roundtable Discussion, 6:00 PMT Thu, 3/26/15 @ UNLV BEH Rm. 218

    I just received the following in an e-mail this afternoon... I know it's short notice, but if you are a student, related to a student or have lawful business on campus from time to time here in southern Nevada, please make an effort to attend. I will be attending. Good Afternoon: For those of...
  8. Nevada carrier

    Anti campus carry rally at UNR Wed. 3/25/15

    Let's see if we can get a large group together and show them how many people support AB148. https://www.facebook.com/events/828161080603991/
  9. Nevada carrier

    UNR teachers schedule rally against AB148 on wed. 3/25/2015

    We need to show up and show them how many of us there are that support AB148.. https://www.facebook.com/events/828161080603991/
  10. Nevada carrier

    Cortez-Masto Accidentally Testifies in Favor of Campus Carry

    If you know what to look for, usually your opponent will make your argument for you... please like and share! https://youtu.be/3PiAnQiNLtw
  11. Nevada carrier

    Some AB148 Spin Videos

    Vice Chancellor Cortez-Masto busted telling fibs https://youtu.be/0RLPZChHz6U
  12. Nevada carrier

    Metro trespassed someone from my property today; with video

    I have a few questions for those of you familiar with trespassing statutes as well as our citizens arrest statutes. Once I am notified that there is an official warning of trespass, can I detain this someone myself? If so, can I apply reasonable force to prevent them from escaping custody...
  13. Nevada carrier

    GOP takes control of both houses of the Navada Legislature

    after Tuesday's mid-term election, Freedom loving Nevadans have a rare opportunity. With the GOP taking control of both houses of our legislature, we finally have a chance to repeal Clark County's carve-out for handgun registration, strengthen the preemption statute to remove any and all...
  14. Nevada carrier

    High Roller misrepresenting NRS in "no weapons" sign

    I noticed a no weapons sign on the door at the entrance to the high roller; picture attached. The statute cited reads: " NRS 202.253  Definitions.  As used in NRS 202.253 to 202.369, inclusive: 1.  “Explosive or incendiary device” means any explosive or incendiary material or...
  15. Nevada carrier

    Demilitarization of police could be a new reality

    No matter where you stand on the issues surrounding the shooting of an unarmed teen in Ferguson, MO, I think most will agree that the militarization of the police has gone too far. That being said, I don't often agree with Democrat representatives, but in this case I do; whole heatedly...
  16. Nevada carrier

    Idea for new legislation... just thinking ahead

    Given that the legislature has adjourned for this session, I would like to get an idea going. it isn't perfect but it's a stepping stone; here is my idea. The Nevada Workplace Protection Act, 2015. 1) No employer doing business in the state of Nevada shall require, as a condition of...
  17. Nevada carrier

    Please hit this poll...

    As some of you may or may not know. SB221, the so called Nevada Universal Background Check Bill was vetoed last week by Governor Brian Sandoval. The Las Vegas Review Journal, a liberal rag, is attempting to run a poll seemingly to show that the People really did want this bill. At the moment...
  18. Nevada carrier

    SB221 passed.. Please Urge Gov Sandoval to Veto

    SB221 passed comittee and assemble, heading to governer, please contact him and urge him to veto it. Governor Brian Sandoval Phone: (775) 684-5670 E-mail http://gov.nv.gov/contact/governor/
  19. Nevada carrier

    twice in one day...

    I took my ARs up to the Clark County Shooting Park to check their zero yesterday; I decided to carry my 1911. Because it was wednesday morning, the day after range glean up, I figured it was worth checking the brass tables for anything I might need when a man, presumably in his 60's...
  20. Nevada carrier

    WTF was going on in SW Vegas this afternoon?

    I was heading east on NV 160 this afternoon and watched at least 30 police cars heading west at a high rate of spped. A few market cruizers, a K-9 SUV But for the most part, a wide variety of normal looking cars with red and blue's hidden behind the grill or mounted on the dash inside. They...