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  1. Maine Expat

    Maine OC Info Cards

    I know this has come up in the past, but my feeble memory isn't what it once was. With a couple new folks coming in I thought perhaps we could put something up here (and STICKY it?) for quick reference. Open Carry (OC) in Maine -OC is LEGAL -NO Permit required -NO age limit to OC -Permit is...
  2. Maine Expat

    Gun Rights debate at BDN

    Got an interesting exchange going on at the Bangor Daily News site if anyone is interested in joining the fun. Becha can't guess who I am there! :lol: BDN Gun Rights Debate
  3. Maine Expat

    He tells it like it is.

    Love him or hate him, Wild Bill doesn't pull a punch. http://youtu.be/Eweq5re8KL4
  4. Maine Expat

    Trying to change the Law

    SIGH!!!! The title should be; Trying to CHANGE the Law I just hit the "Send" button a few seconds ago and thought I'd share it with you here. You may know (you SHOULD know) that currently we cannot carry loaded guns in our vehicles w/o a permit. I just think its unsafe to constantly have to...
  5. Maine Expat

    No Gun = No Money OC info cards

    Ok, I have what I think is a decent generic (non State specific) card that anyone can copy and print. The problem I'm having is getting the whole sheet of ten cards filled in. I created the message, but I can't copy it to the other 9 cards on the sheet w/o losing the formatting and having to...
  6. Maine Expat

    Maine Gun/OC laws

    I didn't find anything in the Maine board like this so I thought I'd toss this up for the masses. If there are any errors or wrong info I submit to correction and any Mod may make whatever changes are needed. Maybe this could be a sticky as well...
  7. Maine Expat

    Why OC? Here's why.

    Why we should always be armed. http://youtu.be/PavuumOnd0E
  8. Maine Expat

    Greater Bangor area OC report

    Hey gang, its official now. I am an OCer. I arrived in Maine (I Live in Ukraine with my wife as you may recall) and met the seller of my new Bersa 45 TUC. And I loaded a mag and started packing while still enroute to Bangor. We stopped in Newport and cruised Walmart looking for universal...
  9. Maine Expat

    Maine's Gun Laws.

    I was doing a little searching around the web and found this helpful over view of Maine's gun laws. It seemed to be helpful and accurate so I thought I'd post it here. Maybe a Mod could sticky it so we can have the info at our finger tips...
  10. Maine Expat

    CWP turn around time?

    According to this link CCWs might take 90 days. Does anyone have any recent experience with getting a concealed permit in Maine? http://www.maine.gov/dps/msp/licenses/weapons_permits.html TIA
  11. Maine Expat

    Greetings fellow Mainers

    I stumbled onto the OC site and forum recently and since it dovetails well with my Oath Keepers mission I thought I'd join up and say howdy. I live in Ukraine most of the time but my family is in the Bangor area. Yes, I'm a Male Order Groom. My wife (The Hot Redhead) and I will be visiting...