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  1. Lokster

    Northeast Indiana

    Anyone located in northeast Indiana?
  2. Lokster

    Back to OC

    My City and County of Denver CCW permit has expired so I'll be back to OC for the time being. It's been awhile since I've OC'd last and I'm hoping it'll be like riding a bike.
  3. Lokster

    Another round of gang assaults on 16th St. Mall, really?

    Now I know this comes as no big surprise to many of the members here, but a reminder is nevertheless appropriate. A vendor, whom I deal with on a weekly basis, came in to the store where I work late this morning with a black eye and stitches in the corner of that same eye. He was conversing...
  4. Lokster

    Thanked by a Lakewood Walmart employee today

    Experience has proven to me that Walmart is a place of great diversity in just about every aspect. Today I made my way over to the Wallyworld at Colfax & Wads to pick up some groceries and ammo (you know, the necessities) well anyway, I don't think I've ever had a more positive Wallyworld/OC...
  5. Lokster

    Told I cannot OC in an Englewood Walmart

    Late this afternoon my roommate and I decided to go over to The Shootist and get in some range time. There is a Walmart right over there so we stopped in to purchase some ammo. I've OC in that particular location numerous times. One time I was told that since I was OCing I would have to be...
  6. Lokster

    Time for a change of my routine.

    I've been OC at the same places for awhile now (all OC friendly, with the exception of the whole Belmar thing) and thought it might be a good time to change up my routine. After my rommie got some fruit and meat that turned bad after a few days from the nearby wally world I frequent about once...
  7. Lokster

    A little irony

    It was around lunchtime when I finished up my business over at the Lakewood PD yesterday, so I decided I would stop at the Chipotle just across the street from Belmar for a burrito. When I entered the establishment there were a few people waiting in line ahead of me. After looking above the...
  8. Lokster

    Be prepared to deal with LE at some time or another (even at Belmar)

    Update Today I decided I would go down to the Lakewood Police Dept. and speak with someone about why I haven't received a response regarding the complaint that I filed back in July. I requested to speak with Sergeant Greenwell and after waiting a few minutes he came out to speak with me. He...
  9. Lokster

    Belmar meet this Sunday

    Sunday is rapidly approaching so let's get a time and place nailed down for our meet. I suggest we meet around 5PM at the square just west of the movie theater next to Target. From there we can decide on a place to grab a bite to eat unless we can figure that out before Sunday. Also, it would...
  10. Lokster

    Be prepared to deal with LE at some time or another (even at Belmar)

    I'm not going to say that I handled the situation perfectly because in some ways it did catch me somewhat off guard, not unprepared however; and I would add that anytime all parties involved leave peacefully after a firearm has been un-holstered and drawn is a good outcome although it probably...
  11. Lokster

    Anyone good with photoshop?

    I'm putting up a Facebook page and could really use some help creating an image to put on the homepage. Even if I had photoshop on my computer I doubt I'd be much good at making a layered image to put up. If anyone has some spare time and could offer a hand I would greatly appreciate it.
  12. Lokster

    situational awareness is key

    On my way home from a Liberty on the Rocks meeting in downtown Denver tonight I'm sure I was almost made a victim. I've never had something like this happen and honestly believe that if I wasn't being aware of my surroundings and paying attention to the warning signs that were going off in my...
  13. Lokster

    First open carry today...well sort of

    Alright, so it wasn't my first per se. I've been OCing just handful of times while taking the dog for a walk at a park in Lakewood, but my dog probably drew the attention of the few people on the trails more than me OCing. Well today I decided would be a good day to head over to Wallyworld...
  14. Lokster

    Open Carry at Church

    I've been scouring these forums for the past few weeks trying to soak up as much as possible about OC and the logistics thereof so that I may become more informed and able to draw my own conclusions about a variety of topics having to do with it. Since I don't recall reading much about OC at...
  15. Lokster

    Howdy -- Another new guy checkin' in

    After reading a variety of threads on this site for awhile and doing some research outside of the forum I can say that OC'ing makes a lot of sense to me. Since I live and work in Denver I won't be able to OC too much. From what I've gathered it doesn't seem like there are many OC'ers around...