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  1. jdholmes

    Henderson park packet still posting

    Couldn't find the thread about the Henderson Parks in my quick search, but just wanted to give a heads up to anyone concerned especially TBG: We just booked a Henderson Park for an Easter Celebration and I noticed in the info packet that they are still posting that firearms are not allowed...
  2. jdholmes

    Silver Bowl Park

    Did not realize this - but apparently silver bowl park is a county park. I have assumed it was a Henderson park being that it is right on the border of the two cities. My neighborhood is very close and so I've been carrying - oops. Of course I also carry at the wetlands park - like they'd...
  3. jdholmes

    Anybody have an extension ladder?

    Do any of you guys near Henderson happen to have an extension ladder you'd be willing to loan out tomorrow? I'm trying to decorate for Christmas and need one probably over 24' at least. Thanks guys. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. jdholmes

    Zion Shuttle Service

    Since you cannot drive your car in Zion NP now with their new shuttle service in place for the summer, that creates a question for me. I know you can carry in the park, but not in federal facilities...does the shuttle constitute a federal facility with a federal employee working it? And if so...
  5. jdholmes

    Someone shot in the arm outside Galleria Mall Jan 26, 2013

    A guy apparently got into an argument with someone at the mall - the individual followed him outside the mall, shot several rounds, one of which hit the guy in the arm. Even though this should justify our right to carry there even more, it will likely have the opposite effect. Should we...
  6. jdholmes

    Carrying at Henderson Pavillion tomorrow? Mitt Romney and Paul Ran victory rally.

    Anyone going to be open carrying at the Henderson Pavillion tomorrow morning? Unfortunately I have to work - would love to have been there.
  7. jdholmes

    OC in Nevada

    Where did you carry today and how did it go? Quiznos on Sunset and Pecos...sandwich maker didn't give it a second glance although the couple guys sitting outside did the stare when we were walking in. Walmart on Eastern and Patrick...of course no issues, but more gawking than I get down here...
  8. jdholmes

    Closest free range to Henderson?

    Time t'shoot....now I just gotta find the right place.
  9. jdholmes

    Closest free range to Henderson?

    What would be the closest that you know of to Henderson for free shooting? Want to take the wife out today. Thanks.
  10. jdholmes

    Disappointing experience with LV Shooting Academy/Sentinel Arms

    I had to transfer a gun from Ohio this week and used Sentinel Firearms based on their location - they advertise an address close to me. Turns out this is a "pay as you use" office - in other words they don't have a location and you have to book an appointment to use the office. I email him to...
  11. jdholmes

    This is how the people get disarmed...

    This kind of explains why it was so easy to disarm the UK public. One would hope that Americans wouldn't be so easy to dupe, but some days I wouldn't be surprised. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z49skYkCjGY&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  12. jdholmes

    Henderson DMV still has signs up.

    Just an FYI to those concerned with this issue - they still have no changed their signage. Are they ever going to do that? I would have thought as a public building they would have more concern over posting what they have admitted is misleading information.
  13. jdholmes

    New ordinances for Las Vegas Parks coming soon

    Heard them talking on the radio the other day about how they had new ordinances in the works for city parks and they were going to be scrapping the old ones completely. Does that mean state preemption will come into play and any rules in regards to firearms will finally be unenforceable...
  14. jdholmes

    The Olympics are Anti-gun Apparently

    Two Olympians punished for doing something as shocking as posting a picture of them holding guns at a gun store in Komnifornia. The writer even compares this as the equivalent of posting pictures from a strip bar. What a crazy world...
  15. jdholmes

    Sign at Library - Sunset and Green Valley

    Visited the library on the intersection of Sunset and Green Valley the other day with my wife and got a kick out their signage. They have a sign on the main entrance at right about eye level. Says, "Firearms are prohibited, violators will be prosecuted." Prosecuted...funny...
  16. jdholmes

    Carrying my long gun - am I brandishing?

    I was reading some threads tonight and a question arose in my mind as a result... My wife and I have been camping and have been bringing my little rifle with us lately. It doesn't have a sling, so when transporting it from our apartment to the truck, or to the campsite or boat or whatever I...
  17. jdholmes

    Anyplace good for purchasing used firearms?

    I am looking at picking up a 1911 styled .22 for plinking. Is there a recommended place for folks on a budget?
  18. jdholmes

    Anyone Carry in baby's r us?

    I noticed the other day the sign on the front of the door at baby's r us in Henderson - Stephanie St. They have three small circles up top, something like clothes. no filming...and then below those is a huge circle with a gun and the wording says guns are "prohibited". Isn't the word...
  19. jdholmes

    Rifle carrying - hiking/camping

    My wife wants to get into some camping and hiking through our Las Vegas area and out around Nevada, Colorado river etc...... Will there be any issues with open carrying a little .22 rifle until we get a handgun?
  20. jdholmes

    Saw my first OC'er in Henderson @ Walmart

    Saw my first OC'er in Henderson the other day. Was shopping with my wife and seen him with his significant other - scruffy black beard, white, carrying what looked from where I was a 1911 style of some sort with a very nice looking grip. He saw me looking, I gave an arm point and a "nice"...