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  1. the last gunfighter

    Moving to Las Vegas next month

    I will be moving to Las Vegas and I would like to know if I need to have a NV carry license to open carry or not thank you. I have a PA LTCF license and I believe that it will work till I get my NV license since the 2 states are reciprocal.
  2. the last gunfighter

    Thigh rigs: Acceptable? or too tacti-cool?

    my rig ok first off Wolf nice cowboy rig next I Oc all the time with my cowboy rig IMO it's comfortable to me and it's personal preference
  3. the last gunfighter

    OC in Beaver Falls

    ok open carry report for 12/28/12 went to Rite-aid in Beaver Falls ( outside of Pittsburgh) to get my kids meds we get out of the car and this lady in the car next to mine asks the standard question " is that a real gun?" yes....yes it is next question from her " are you a cop?" now I carry a...
  4. the last gunfighter

    Anybody wear a western holster/belt rig?

    I OC in my cowboy rig all the time quite comfortable
  5. the last gunfighter

    Visiting the fine state of North Carolina

    In July I will be coming to NC to visit my sister what are the OC rules and laws in your state and are they reciprocal to a PA LTCF ? Thanks for any advice you can give.
  6. the last gunfighter

    standard day OCing

    well typical Sunday morning going to store for papers and cupcakes for kids ( open carrying of course) I love the looks when I walk into store with my .45 single action on my hip they all come over to ask if it real now I have a nickname with all the gangbangers in town " Cowboy" is what they...
  7. the last gunfighter

    And people wonder why I own a gun

    So it's 5:30 AM and I'm checking my e-mails when from out my living room window I hear a shotgun go off 3 min later it fires again. Now it's 7:30 AM and police still have not showed up. Now in the Apt complex that I live in they all know that I OC and that I carry a " cowboy action : gun so...
  8. the last gunfighter

    AZ Homicide rates drop

    Found this story on a site I go to called freedomtorch.com http://www.crimefilenews.com/2010/12/phoenix-murder-rate-in-free-fall-after.html
  9. the last gunfighter

    Brady at it again

    Read this in the N Y Daily News Colin Goddard, survivor of tragic Virginia Tech shooting, has message with film 'Living for 32' Joanna Molloy Wednesday, November 17th 2010, 4:00 AM Colin Goddard still has three bullets from Virginia Tech shooter inside his body, who murdered 32 people with...
  10. the last gunfighter

    talked to LEO in Lisbon

    So I go to the Johnny Appleseed festival in Lisbon and I see a local LEO so I talk to him about OC I'm from PA and I was curious how they handle OC. He tells me that there is no law against OC but if they see you they will pick you up for carrying and that it's better to CC so I ask if they...
  11. the last gunfighter


    imported post Hi all I just bought my first gun in my life in Jan 09 and got my CC to. I was born and raised in NJ so I'm used to massive gun restrictions. I'm trying to learn the laws and terms used here like LTCF and how do I get one if it's what I think it is. I'm not very educated on...