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  1. Repeater

    Peace Activist, who claims to be a gun owner, declares Open Carry is bad

    It seems a commentator at Style Weekly does not approve of Open Carry, because it makes others feel nervous and unsafe. And this is from a Peace Activist who claims to be a gun owner. How Safe is a Public Space When Some of Us Feel Nervous Around Open-Carry Weapons? This is Paul Fleisher...
  2. Repeater

    David Frum, false conservative, condemns open carry in VA

    Frum is exactly why the GOP is in so much trouble. Reinforcing the Boundaries of Political Decency
  3. Repeater

    Pro Gun-Control RINO Dave Albo announces his retirement -- goodbye

    Del. Dave Albo, head of House courts, won't seek re-election Goodbye.
  4. Repeater

    McAwful screws over Senator Stuart and VCDL

    Seems our Governor cannot stand liberty (unless it's about illegals). McAuliffe attempts to revive Virginia’s ‘one-gun-a-month’ law by amending SB 1023 The Governor's statement is here.
  5. Repeater

    Henrico COPS: a visible handgun inside a school employee's car -- a CRIME

    So, according to Henrico police, a visible handgun inside an employee's car parked on school property is a crime -- even unknowingly. What is it about Henrico County? Gun, ammo found in staff member's car at Henrico school; charges are pending, police say How Progressive! And since when is...
  6. Repeater

    Black Man with a CWP: "I'm scared of being shot during a traffic stop"

    A Richmond Public Square event: Police shootings caused by poverty or acts of prejudice? Ironically, there's so such thing as a concealed weapons permit. Imagine if he were openly carrying so all could see, including LEOs. So, yeah, maybe he should be worried.
  7. Repeater

    Dave Brat: 5 ways the next Congress can protect gun rights

    These proposals seem really good. Any opinion? 5 ways the next Congress can protect gun rights Analysis here: Congressman Dave Brat’s Formula For Protecting Gun Rights
  8. Repeater

    Suffolk police file charges against Del. Rick Morris in connection with assaults

    Does this mean he cannot possess a firearm? Suffolk police file charges against State Del. Rick Morris in connection with assaults of child, family member Well, he has nine kids; I wonder how many guns he has?
  9. Repeater

    Experts agree: emergency protective order (EPO) just a piece of paper

    Seems the experts are slowly catching up to us and agree with the reality we have known all along. Deaths highlight myriad challenges of protective orders Notice that the none of the experts interviewed advised women like Meador to have and carry their own protection with them. The whole...
  10. Repeater

    Chesterfield school bus driver calls police after woman waves gun outside home

    That's the sensational headline from WTVR.com. Sounds like brandishing, except ... Chesterfield school bus driver calls police after woman waves gun outside home So basically, "better safe than sorry" ... what a sorry excuse for post-modern parenting.
  11. Repeater

    Not helping: Cop's explantion for shooting Castile: "display of gun"

    So, the new narrative from the attorney who represents Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez, the cop who shot Philando Castile, is that he had to shoot because: So, it seems they have gone from racial profiling to open-carry profiling. Not helping. Cop's lawyer blames driver's gun, not his race We...
  12. Repeater

    Tom Evans, RIP

    Tom was always a wonderful Virginia Gentleman. In Memoriam: Thomas Wayne Evans
  13. Repeater

    Scott Rigell: TRAITOR

    Doesn't matter that he is retiring; this is wrong: Rigell on guns: No Fly, No Buy But, aren't the lists highly inaccurate? Why is he doing this to us? Does he even care what we think?
  14. Repeater

    Commonwealth's attorneys are just too Damn powerful!

    So says the ACLU of Virginia. Imagine that. ACLU issues report on commonwealth's attorneys Perhaps user can critique this report.
  15. Repeater

    Accused cop-killer seeks jury of his peers - 'convicted felons'

    When McAwful, by the stroke of his pen, restored the rights of all ex-felons, there would be consequences. But this? Who knew? Attorneys for man accused of killing state trooper seek eligibility of convicted felons to serve on jury
  16. Repeater

    What constitutes a "Mini-Arsenal" -- ask the Pilot

    In light of McAwful's Excutive Order, what to make of this? Norfolk businessman with ties to political, business leaders gets 3 years for "mini-arsenal" However, he had most of his rights restored: As for the alleged "Mini-Arsenal" ...
  17. Repeater

    Did WTVR promote breaking the law?

    I saw this on WTVR and I have to wonder if they are aware carrying a concealed weapon is a crime. New bra design conceals knife, pepper spray for protection Legal?
  18. Repeater

    John Cosgrove wants SECRET POLICE in Virginia

    This would be the first in the nation: Virginia bill to keep officers' names secret would be first in the nation, experts say Both the names and the training records of LEO's would be secret.
  19. Repeater

    PolitiFact claims VCDL President is WRONG

    Philip Van Cleave wrongly says Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican PolitiFact is a Progressive group pretending to be fair and unbiased.
  20. Repeater

    RPV Rebellion: RKBA advocate Vince Haley to seek Chairmanship of RPV

    Vince Haley has announced he will challenge current RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. Huge implications for RKBA advocacy. Vince Haley to Challenge John Whitbeck for RPV Party Chairman