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  1. LEX_XDM40compact

    Constitutional Carry Bill Filed in Ky. Senate

    cant wait to review what all went down today! Thanks as always for being at the front lines in helping and informing us all in this fight for gun rights!
  2. LEX_XDM40compact

    Constitutional Carry Bill Filed in Ky. Senate

    From what I have read and heard online and news reporting no amendments got adopted and it passed clean. I am sure GS will report and confirm if thats so!
  3. LEX_XDM40compact

    Constitutional Carry Bill Filed in Ky. Senate

    I stand corrected!!! Do we have a link anywhere for this information!>? edit just saw the twitter pictures of the vote!
  4. LEX_XDM40compact

    Constitutional Carry Bill Filed in Ky. Senate

    Bill is now dead. Added proposed the following ; Obviously it will not go anywhere with these in it.
  5. LEX_XDM40compact

    Bill HB531

    This bill seems to introduce permit less or "constitutionally" carry to the state AND allow no gun signs to become legal which are punishable by the law with fines and a misdemeanor http://www.lrc.ky.gov/record/16RS/HB531.htm click the blue HB531 to download and read the full bill. My question...
  6. LEX_XDM40compact

    OC meet ups here in Kentucky Idea

    A lot of these meet up threads being posted now that summers coming around. I would love to attend all of them given im not doing anything that day. With that being said I think since we seem to have people "interested" in these but just in different areas that we attempt to do a few big...
  7. LEX_XDM40compact

    Camping and Carrying?

    So as I do a lot in the summer i plan on camping. However before this year I have not owned a handgun. Since i do now i was curious how "Open carry" would be handled via camping or to be more specific while in my tent? By the time I get out and camp I should have my CDW ( seems people have...
  8. LEX_XDM40compact

    New open carrier saying hey from lex

    Just wanted to say Hey! I just purchased my first handgun and plan to soon Open Carry whilst i await my CDW. I bought a Springfield xdm 3.8 40 compact and love it! I have lurked the past few days reading almost every post made in the first 3 pages here in the kentucky forums and have learned a...