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  1. metalman383

    Walther p22 problems

    Has anyone ever had a problem like this? It blew up in my 12 yr Olds hands, just after my 8yr old daughter got Done shooting it. My guns are kept clean and lubed. Do you think it was a gun or ammo malfunction?
  2. metalman383

    Sandy Hook. I am hoping for a rational opinion.

    So, I have seen a whole lot of different conspiracy theories and what not, but what do you guys think about this? It talks about many of the mortgages of the houses in Newtown being paid off Dec 25th 2009. I definitely think things didn't happen as we were told, and I am not sure what to think...
  3. metalman383

    Hurricane Sandy

    It's not looking good for the east coast. My thoughts and prayers go out to all that will be affected by this storm. I hope with all of the advanced warning people received, they took the warnings seriously, and prepared as best as they could.
  4. metalman383

    Homeland Youth Corps

    So what do you think about this? http://www.whiteoutpress.com/articles/q42012/homeland-security-graduates-first-corps-of-homeland-youth/
  5. metalman383

    If you support Gov. Walker

    If you support Gov. Walker, please remember to vote tomorrow, (Tues the 8th). The media has done a great job, of covering up the fact that this is not just a Democratic primary. Walker will be on the ballot against a fake Repub challenger. Meaning, if they snuck this by enough people, he would...
  6. metalman383

    Speech by Gov. Walker

    This is a 30 min speech, but I thought it was well worth watching. Due to the recall elections, and the fact that local media will not cover things of this nature, I thought I would share...
  7. metalman383

    Who was this?

    http://www.weau.com/home/headlines/Walker_supporter_carrying_gun_causes_stir_146021835.html Who ever this was, good job!! Amazing how a law abiding citizen makes the news, because he supports Walker.
  8. metalman383

    Poll about the perfomance of Walker

    This is a little off the "open carry" topic, but I feel even though we have alot of work to do yet, we have made some great strides this year. I can't help but think having Walker as Gov, has helped us turn down the right path. Wether you like him or not, here is a poll to voice your opinion...
  9. metalman383

    Mega Foods Pulled Signs

    Mega Foods has pulled their signs!! Thank you to anyone that contacted them. It is soooo nice to have like minded people on here, that are willing to take some time, to try to help make sure our rights are not infringed more than they already are. Since they have multiple grocery stores, and...
  10. metalman383

    What to do next?

    This is the response I recieved, after contacting Mega Foods. Message body Daniel – As you are aware…the timing of this legislation and the reaction time for organizations such as our was fairly short. Our intent and our actions, are in no way intended to be political statements. We...
  11. metalman383

    Dumb question

    I don't know how you guys feel about Walker. In my opinion, even though he could have pushed for real CC, I have been quite happy, with the leaps and bounds, that we have made under his watch. We still have a lot of work to do, in order to fully restore our rights. My question is, if Walker...
  12. metalman383

    WEAU poll

    I think the question is kind of tricky. It asks if cc will affect your safety? I believe it will make me safer, but the right awnser would be no. http://www.weau.com/news
  13. metalman383

    Going to Madison?

    Are any of my Open Carry Brothers planning on going to Madison, to support Walker? I am planning to go tomorrow. We need his support for our carry issues, we should show him ours!
  14. metalman383

    Is anybody concerned?

    Does anybody else feel like the world is melting down? I 'm trying to keep my feelings in check, but it just feels like everybody is loosing their minds. World wide protests, missing Democrats in WI, prices going up on everything. Someone come on here and tell me everything is just fine!!
  15. metalman383

    This is why I carry!

    I carry, because if some body snaps like this guy, maybe I would have a chance to stop him, before he hurts my family, or any more people. http://www.weau.com/home/headlines/103825659.html This only happens in big cities. People weren't maybe comming out of church, (good thing, why would you...
  16. metalman383

    Motivational Gun Posters

    imported post I likethese! [size= [b] This just about says it all. Now I won’]t have to explain my guns and the use of them.[/b] During WWII the Japanese decided not to invade...
  17. metalman383

    Remmington VTR .22

    imported post I was wondering if anyone has one of these? Gander Mtn has them on sale for $296. I would rather shoot up a thousand .22 shells, than a thousand .223 shells. The gun looks pretty cool, and would make a good plinker, if it functions well. I would appreciate any input. Thanks! This...
  18. metalman383

    Taking Back Our Country Video

    imported post I thought this was very powerful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiyqvuTxaEs
  19. metalman383


    imported post Santa brought my future Wife, her very own pink Walther P22. At least she knows, I will not try to adopt it from her, thanks to it's stunning color!:D
  20. metalman383

    Airline transportation of a hand gun?

    imported post I will be flying to texas next week, to pick up a van for my parents.Every state I will be comming back through, besides Iowa, honor my cc permits. I really do not want to drive back unarmed! How much of a hassle is it to transport ahandgun?According to the airline website, it...