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  1. Golden Eagle

    An carry win over Erie

    A carry win over Erie Congratulations! http://www.erietvnews.com/story/24387053/appeals-court-decides-guns-should-be-allowed-in-erie-city-parks
  2. Golden Eagle

    CPL class, St.Joseph Co. Feek's Tactical

    CPL class, St.Joseph Co. Every other Saturday at 9:00AM. $120 per person. Includes classroom time, NRA books, materials, range time and pizza. Bring your pistol, 100 rounds of ammo or rent a pistol with ammo for $30 more. Only $70 after you take our $50 Basic Pistol Course. CLOSED
  3. Golden Eagle

    Illinois carry

    I've been reading the new laws and as long as our loaded guns stay in our vehicles we are legal. Locking our guns out of sight anywhere in a vehicle legal. I suggest to have a gun case in the front seat with you if you are going in to a hotel or say you car brakes down. Unloaded in a 'container'...
  4. Golden Eagle

    boycott TV Ch.3?

    It's a commentary but Tom Van Howe always seems to be focused on ticking off the majority of the public: "It’s gotten to the point that when I read those stories in the paper or hear them on TV, I zone out. It’s the result, I think, of a helpless feeling that with all the power and wealth of...
  5. Golden Eagle

    Post offices and tazers

    Since tazers will be legal here in Michigan soon... Would the feds consider a tazer a deadly weapon when I go in to get my mail?
  6. Golden Eagle

    Voted this morrning...

    and for the second time I was confronted about my gun here in Schoolcraft township. This time they had a man there in uniform with a badge say after I voted "Don't you think that's a little inappropriate." I said "No what I'm doing is completely legal". Again he said "I know but it is...
  7. Golden Eagle

    Kalamazoo buyback Sat.

    Saturday starting noon at bronson park. Who's bringing their money? ;) http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2011/07/kdps_to_accept_guns_for_cash_i.html
  8. Golden Eagle


    My thoughts and deepest prayers go out to the people of Japan. http://www.foxnews.com/slideshow/world/2011/03/11/devastating-tsunami-rips-japan-massive-earthquake/#slide=1
  9. Golden Eagle

    a sticky answer

    Again to many stickies BUT I have an answer :) A moderator could start a post called Important posts And post a list like this: Wash Rinse repeat Why Open Carry? Open Carry Guide Project Open Carry Pocket Cards Michigan open carry reference chart (post #100) The 4 MSP Legal updates...
  10. Golden Eagle

    Kalamazoo radio doesn't get it!

    The Libs on WKZO radio in Kalamazoo at 3:08 pm just don't get it! Post and call please. 269 382 4280 Show 2/15/11: http://www.wkzo.com/podcasts/Jim-McKinney-Show/021511-hour-2/
  11. Golden Eagle

    I challenge you to a duel!

    I challenge you to a duel! Since It's now legal for me to say that now, I went ahead and said it.
  12. Golden Eagle

    The 'Forgotten Your Password' link.

    I changed my password last week and forgot to write it down. Yes my bad. The 'Forgotten Your Password' link is said to be by the password box when signing in... but I don't see it.? Can it be added or am i just blind. It would be alot more convenient than the search. Thanks.
  13. Golden Eagle

    What have you carried?

    imported post Here in Michiganwehavethe "pistol" licenses, comparedyour Kentucky "weapons license". I would love to know what you'vecarried besides guns? :cool:
  14. Golden Eagle

    Bill allows guns

    imported post I've been waiting for Michigan to do this but Indianashould do itfirst. Good luck!:celebrate "The Indiana House has approved legislation that would prohibit employers from banning guns in people's locked cars on company property. State Rep. Robert Bischoff, D-Greendale...