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  1. j2l3

    OC Signage?

    This has been proposed by someone on this board. Can't recall who posted it and designed it though.
  2. j2l3


    imported post With utmost apologies to the original poster, editing this post so that the press release can be put in, and thread merging for car pooling activities, as the "official" march is occurring on 4/24/2010: For Immediate Release: 4/14/2010 For Further Information Contact: David Del...
  3. j2l3

    Missing Stickies?

    imported post Am I missing something or are there a couple of missing stickies from the top of the Washington Forum....
  4. j2l3

    OT: Wife wants an UZI

    imported post Anyone know where we can look at semi-auto UZI's? LOL She got to shoot one on full auto last week in Las Vegas. Terrified of guns before that, now wants one of her own. I know, I know... tough position to be in for me... lol
  5. j2l3

    OT: Weather in Las Vegas

    imported post Off topic, but we are heading to Las Vegas in a few weeks and are interested in the type of weather we can expect. Can anyone give me an idea what to expect at the end of January? Thanks.
  6. j2l3

    My latest aquisition

    imported post This, along with a little over 300 rounds of custom handloads.
  7. j2l3

    OT: Blackhawk CQC Belts on Sale

    imported post http://www.blackhawk.com/catalog/Concealment,61.htm These belts are great for carrying firearms. Made for the job and reinforced. I have one and it is terrififc.
  8. j2l3

    OT: FS Dillon RL550B Reloader

    imported post SOLD Posting this for a friend of mine. He used to shoot competition but no longer does. He feels he doesn't have a need for a high volume reloader any longer. This unit is rated at about 600 rounds per hour. Picture available upon request. [line] For Sale - Dillon RL...
  9. j2l3

    OT: Ammo Availability

    imported post I was in Cle Elum over the weekend and visited a new ammo shop. They had stacks of just about everything youneed. They don't carry guns, just ammo and reloading supplies. If you happen to be in that area or passing through, I recommend a visit. They opened their doors 2 months...
  10. j2l3

    Gun Control Video on Youtube

    imported post http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngsKzdKNAmo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPwZeWOZ8JU
  11. j2l3

    OT: WTB COmpact 9mm

    imported post Open to just about anything but a Hi-Point... She is just starting her search but has a deadline of mid August that isn't flexible, since she has a class scheduled at FAS and needs her own quality firearm. Anyone selling?
  12. j2l3

    Wa Atty Gen SUpports Incorporation of 2nd Amendment!

    imported post http://www.nraila.org/News/Read/NewsReleases.aspx?ID=12654 WashingtonPlease Thank Attorney General Rob McKenna![/i] Two-thirds of the nation’s attorneys general have filed an amicus brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to grant certiorari in the case of NRA v. Chicago and hold...
  13. j2l3

    Passing Through

    imported post Howdy! I'll be passing through eastern Oregon on I-84 next month. Won't really be stopping, just passing through. SInce Oregon doesn't recognize my Washington CPL, what do I need to know for OC in that part of your state to keep out of trouble? Thanks!
  14. j2l3

    Passing Through in June

    imported post Coming across the southern part of your state, through Cheyenne. My concealed permit isn;t recognized by Wyoming, so what do I need to know to keep out of trouble while there and while driving through? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. j2l3

    Passing Through in June

    imported post Hello, I am passing through your state in late June and will have my handgun with me. WHat do I need to know about OC and transporting my gun while there? Mostly on the I-90 corridor. Thanks for any help you can provide me.
  16. j2l3

    Passing Through

    imported post We are passing through in June on Interstate 29. No plans to stop, other than maybe for fuel. Northbound from Kansas to South Dakota. What do I need to know to stay out of trouble while transporting my gun through Iowa? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  17. j2l3

    Visiting Kansas in June

    imported post Hello, we will be visiting Kansas for a few days in June. Specifically Emporia and probably Salina. The rest of the time we will probably be on the highways. What should I know about OC in your state before I arrive? Thanks for any information you can provide me.
  18. j2l3

    Passing Through in June

    imported post I'll be passing through Colorado in late June. What do I need to know about OC in your state while I am there? Thanks for any iformation you can provide me.
  19. j2l3

    Seattle Tea Party

    imported post DEROS72 before the rally. Notice who's behind him. FIVESPD officers...
  20. j2l3

    HB 1052 - 2009 - 10 AFL's

    imported post Thought some may be interested in this public meeting next week. HB 1052 - 2009-10 (What is this?) Concerning firearm licenses for persons from other countries. Go to documents... History of Bill as of Friday, March 20, 20093:26 PM Sponsors...