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  1. FBrinson


    My wife and I miss the occasional breakfast we had the honor of attending. The dinners were attended less often due to work schedules. Since we moved to Surry County back in '17 we have not made the trip up to Richmond to attend any of the gatherings at all. We are saddened that there are no...
  2. FBrinson

    Discharged my weapon into two would-be armed muggers. THIS is why we carry........

    I've been gone from this forum for several years and the first thing I happened to read was this thread. When did fantasy posts become a thing?
  3. FBrinson

    Surry County and Preemtion

    I would prefer that the government not attempt to regulate firearm possession when they do not hold the power to do so. I don't think that having the course in a gun free environment or the county not offering the course are the only two possibilities. After I made an inquiry to the county if...
  4. FBrinson

    Surry County and Preemtion

    Greetings, Surry County Va is offering a concealed carry class this coming March. They posted a notice on their Facebook page today. The location of the Concealed Carry class is at the former Dendron Post Office. The Surry GIS website shows ownership of this building as being owned by the...
  5. FBrinson

    #GoFundTheWall passes $2.5 Million of $1 Billion goal in 48 hours.

    Will Mexico reimburse us if we donate?
  6. FBrinson

    ammo cans on sale

    I picked up a dozen or so earlier this year when they went on end of season close-out at 5 bucks a pc.
  7. FBrinson

    Sigh - PVC with Sacha Baron Cohen

    It is worse than I thought. This is so very embarrassing for VCDL. For the life of me I don't know how anyone could be fooled into thinking this character was legitimate. Ego, perhaps. Link to article https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkXeMoBPSDk
  8. FBrinson

    FBI agent loses his gun while dancing

    Apparently, this off-duty FBI agent failed to retain his gun while dancing and shot someone while picking up the gun. A retention holster would have been the first step in preventing this. Keeping his finger off the trigger would have been another.. Link to story is HERE
  9. FBrinson

    Missing People

    I don't visit this site nearly as much as I used to so I probably missed a few things along the way recently. One thing I have noticed is the absence or two members, Citizen and Nightmare. Did they get "disappeared"?
  10. FBrinson

    Legislative Tracking

    Will there be, or is there, a 2018 VCDL Legislative Tracking tool ? I did not see a link on the VCDL website.
  11. FBrinson

    Arby's buying BWW ?

    It appears Arby's is buying Buffalo Wild Wings. I wonder if this will change BWW's anti-gun stance. http://wtvr.com/2017/11/28/arbys-buying-buffalo-wild-wings-for-2-9-billion/
  12. FBrinson

    NBC 12 panel discussion on gun control - Oct. 21 at 730pm

    Good luck! We are all counting on you.
  13. FBrinson

    Too much?

  14. FBrinson

    Visiting OBX

    My family and I will be visiting the outer banks over the next 7 days. From my reading, open carry for non-residents (i'm from Virginia) is perfectly legal with some minor exceptions. Are there any surprises that I should know about? We will be staying in Hatteras Village, fishing from the...
  15. FBrinson

    Michael Brown unarmed shooting in Ferguson, MO

    From NYT : I'm not sure how having at least 4 bullet wounds in the front of his right arm plays along with being shot while his hands were raised and he had his back to the cop but I am sure that someone on here will explain it soon. :D
  16. FBrinson

    Hunting bills

    I understand what you are saying. I am having problems with dog hunters coming on to my property in Surry Co. The last couple of times I have been down there they have (intentionally I believe) run their dogs through my property. I have on two occasions now seen a hunter exit my property...
  17. FBrinson

    Sunday RCD breakfast before gun show in Fredericksburg

    My wife and I will be at River City Diner on Parham rd at 7:30 am on Sunday morning for breakfast before heading up to Fredericksburg for the SGK gun show. It would be great if anyone hungry and in the area wanted to come by and join us. I know it is a late notice but i hope to see some of...
  18. FBrinson

    Sherando Lake - OC?

    My wife and I are planning a camping trip to Sherando Lake in two weeks and again in late October. I'm hoping someone can help me out with some clarifications about carrying at Sherando. I tried my Google-Fu and this is where I am on knowledge and questions. Here is what I know (or think I...
  19. FBrinson

    Dash/Windshield Mounted Video Cameras and State Laws

    Got mine today. I couldn't be bothered to read the instructions and mount it in the truck. I sure am regretting that. I saw a meteorite falling from about 60 degrees above the southern horizon. Super bright green fireball that almost made it down to the ground, or so it appeared. I could...