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  1. carry for myself

    im done

    okay. im done. OCDO is not worth the harassment im getting from one member in particular. a perrsonal problem he has with me as a person causes him to constantly attack every post i make here. and OC is not worth the hassle. i own guns. i love guns. i love my right to carry guns and that will...
  2. carry for myself


    so today i took my 23 out to the range. with some stock Federal premium 180g FMJ's . had about 200 rounds to play with so ran through about 150. and my hand really hurt due to my lack of grip sleeve. decided to keep 50 for when the zombies come *spare bucket*. as i was packing up my range bag...
  3. carry for myself

    great OC experience at Biddeford VIP.

    so my inspection sticker ran out. so i went to get another and was told i needed $300 worth of work due to "compression fittings" on my brake lines. compression fittings are illegal to have on brake lines and are meant for fuel lines so i said yuck and took my car to biddeford VIP today. told...
  4. carry for myself

    Funny SD scenario

    this is what NOT to do in a self defense scenario. this guy is a moron but pretty entertaining. i enjoy his videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6gDGBfeU4o http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_904518&src_vid=z6gDGBfeU4o&v=u2QwaxU0TNM...
  5. carry for myself

    Abusive LEO's, boys in blue protection and strong arming. trend or just how it is?

    I could not sleep last night. having some issues with me and the pillow being friends so i stayed up watching COPS. Saw an episode that seriously disturbed me and it got me thinking quite a bit. An officer was en-route to a shoplifting call at a 7-11. when he arrived and was running behind the...
  6. carry for myself

    Odd walmart incident non OC but relivant

    went to Walmart in scarborough last night around 11. need a 100rd box of WWB 9mm for the range today. picked it up, went to cash out. got ID'd per usual then something odd happened the clerk asked me "is this for a handgun or a rifle" not thinking too much i said "handgun" she then punched in my...
  7. carry for myself

    Biddeford man stabbed and beaten by two losers.

    http://www.wgme.com/news/top-stories/stories/wgme_vid_10013.shtml this is sad. and some libs wonder why we carry guns. i know both the morons that did this. tamer......has been violent since he was 10 and is a complete scum bag. the other guy is crazier than bundy. this sickens me. Biddeford...
  8. carry for myself

    I need PROFESSIONAL help....

    sooo.....2 weeks ago i bought my nice new 1911 as i told you all. yesterday i bought a 1984 Beretta SB compact *very rare* and today i bought a brand new Beretta 92FS. and tomorrow i'm considering buying a Beretta 92 inox........ i think i need help. i really do 4 guns in the span of one...
  9. carry for myself

    NEW GUN!.....again haha

    this be her!
  10. carry for myself

    NEW GUN!.....again haha

    just got myself a 80's model beretta 92 SB compact. heck of a rare gun. got it for peanuts! wish i could find out more about it but they are so rare that there is almost no lit. on them.....oh well. its small, its gorgeous and its a beretta haha
  11. carry for myself

    1911 holster question.

    okay so i barely just lost my 1911 cherry last week when i purchased myself a Taurus PT1911 AF. Im used to Striker fired weapons or SA/DA, thus i am highly not used to the SAO weapons like the 1911. when i bought the gun i got a serpa holster for OC, but as alot of you know this holster sucks...
  12. carry for myself

    anyone else train in the home?

    Anyone else train at home? things like draw time and mag changes? for fun today i had my girlfriend time me on a stop watch. cleared and tripple checked the weapon before use :-) from concealment with my 1911, using a Galco King tuck 2 holster, i drew and dryfired in 0.9 seconds did a mag...
  13. carry for myself

    why ignorance doesnt pay. look before you leap!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZUUxBMWXh8&feature=related wow.........:banghead:
  14. carry for myself

    camp ellis rod and gun?

    anyone know anything about this place? been looking for a good place to go shooting whenever i darned feel like it lol. everywhere is so expensive. and i havnt been to the range in some time * i know shame on me*. My sister had a membership there last summer. i went with her a ton of times and...
  15. carry for myself

    what NOT to do during a FTF.

    saw this online and realized, yes some people are this dumb......... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNNvjbzrC0Q remember. never point a firearm at something you dont intend to fully destroy!
  16. carry for myself

    gun question for Mainers.

    sooooo i bought a glock 32 a few weeks back. brand new from the factory. and apprently they messed up big time because the finish on my glock is coming off bad!. i mean i can scratch it off with my finger nail. i called glock, sent them photos and a video of this problem and they said "its not a...
  17. carry for myself

    Good LEO encounter

    This actually happened last month, but I lost internet so I was unable to share untill today . I was driving north bound on rt1 through saco, before thorton academy around 1am, on my way to pick up a friend at a party. I noticed someone had been pulled over in the right hand lane by two squad...
  18. carry for myself

    Biddeford PD shoots and kills pitbull

    http://www.wgme.com/newsroom/top_stories/videos/wgme_vid_8538.shtml this makes me wonder. are pittbulls dangerous to us? or are stupid owners dangerous to us. i used to train dogs in scarborough, and i've never once seen a "vicious" pit bull that had a educated owner, and i've sustiend worse...
  19. carry for myself

    partially drew last night

    so i went down to OOB with a friend, check out the night life. was CC due to the massive crowds , was OC before but covered when i got out of the car. anyway was walking down east grand. headed towards away from the square infront of the galaxy. there was a banger type sitting on a bench...
  20. carry for myself

    show what you carry!

    saw this on a couple other state threads. thought it could be fun. so post your daily carry weapon, CC or OC, knives, anything you carry . this is my carry, a M-tech folder, My lucky zippo, and my Kahr CW40 with houge grips, upgraded williams red fire sights, upgraded recoil spring and...