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  1. F350

    How to tell if you're old

    A week or so ago someone on one of the gun discussion boards posted (what was supposed to be) a joke..... How to tell if you're old... Fall down in front of a bunch of people; if they laugh you're still young. If they come running to see if you're OK and help you up you're officially old...
  2. F350

    Welcome to Wyoming

    While checking out at our favorite restaurant in Laramie the gal at the register said "The last time you were in here, after you paid and left the woman sitting behind you came to the register and said 'Did you notice that man that just left was carrying a gun' I said yea". The woman said "Is...
  3. F350

    Saw the coolist "toy" at the range today

    A new style chronograph; no worries about light conditions and setting up sky screens, no worries about shooting sky screen supports or worse, your chrono :eek: http://www.magnetospeed.com/ http://www.magnetospeed.com/collections/frontpage Just not sure I "need" the V3 but the MagnetoSpeed...
  4. F350

    Why do You Open Carry?

    Here ya go...
  5. F350

    If I didn't already have finished 80% AR lowers.....

    ...I'd sure be real tempted to give this a try... http://ar15mold.com/freedom-15-5-kit/
  6. F350

    A Canadian meets a Unicorn

    Just before Christmas the wife and I had family business in Phoenix Arizona and on the way home she wanted to do some Christmas shopping in Sedona. While walking through a fancy "artsy-fartsy" shopping area just south of the main drag I saw a man dressed in somewhat western attire (hat, western...
  7. F350

    Multiautomatic Round Weapons

    What is a Multiautomatic Round Weapon??? I think I want one, I'll buy it at one of those trailing gun shows that don't do background checks. http://hotair.com/archives/2015/12/04/california-congresswoman-multi-automatic-round-weapons-are-easily-available-you-know/ What a maroon!!!
  8. F350

    A word of warning to all the young(ish)-uns out there

    I saw the ophthalmologist yesterday; I am developing cataracts in both eyes which will require surgery "sooner rather than later". Most probably due to so much time outdoors before there were UV blocking sunglasses readily available and not using UV blockers as much as I should have. There is...
  9. F350

    Now, a little break for the soul; fall in the Rockies

    We now return you to the usual heated debates, arguments and attacks....
  10. F350

    Well; looks like I started a little fruckus

    Well; looks like I started a little fruckus in the editorial section of the Grand Junction, CO paper. The wife, myself and another couple went to a local establishment for Sunday breakfast, the following Sunday in the anonymous YOU SAID IT column I see a post from a pantie wetter. We were gone...
  11. F350

    Visiting Las Vegas next week

    Hey Las Vegas people- I am accompanying my wife to the American Library Association convention next week. I was just checking to see what the current "temperature" for OC was in the city, I do have my Colorado CCW. I had heard in the past Metro PD had their panties in a bunch but that things...
  12. F350

    Do you open carry grandfathered magazines?

    My EDC is a Para-Ordnance P-14 (13 round mag) but the Glock 19 mags all have +2 extensions and if carried on the belt the 2 spares are Glock 17 mags with +2 extensions. Even if I bought +2 bases for the P-14 the would still only be 15 rounders. At least here west of the continental divide the...
  13. F350

    Question for the LEOs

    I had double knee replacements the end of Jan. and I just started driving again and walking without crutches just 2 days ago. My question is this, how do I respond to LEO if stopped and ordered out of the car keeping my hands up, as I can not get in or out without using my hands to help bend the...
  14. F350

    MSM coverage of "Bridge Gate" v IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups

    Who would-a thunk it http://www.mrc.org/media-reality-check/deluge-now-44-times-more-tv-coverage-christies-traffic-scandal-last-six-months-i
  15. F350

    And you wondered how Obummer would circumvent immigration law??

    Simply corrupt the process http://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/12/07/dhs-hires-dozens-of-activist-pro-amnesty-immigration-lawyers-88528
  16. F350

    Pre-election jobs numbers

    As Gomer would say "SURPRISE; SURPRISE; SURPRISE"!!!!!!! http://nypost.com/2013/11/18/census-faked-2012-election-jobs-report/
  17. F350

    OC conversation with Grand Junction "Park Patrol"

    I often take our little dog for a walk in a city park in the afternoon before picking up the wife from work. They have unarmed bicycle mounted "Park Patrol" keeping an eye on things, when I encounter one I usually wave, say HI if they are close enough. Friday I met one riding toward me on one...
  18. F350

    Background check bill FAILS in the Senate

    Check it out http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/04/17/guns-background-checks-manchin-senate/2090105/ Aren't you Arizona guys tired of McTraitor yet???