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  1. Snake161

    Heavily considering a move to NH, specifically the Exeter/Portsmouth area

    Hello everybody, I have been considering a move to NH for a while now for a change of pace from Packers, Brats and Beer. I'm not a fan of any of these things and am considered an alien here as such lol. I have researched many of the laws and regs regarding carry and ownership, but can NH...
  2. Snake161

    Deactivating my account

    I have attempted to contact two moderators and the forum administrator about deactivating my account since I can't find it in the options and settings/account area. Tell me how I can take care of this. Thanks.
  3. Snake161

    WAVE at it long and strong all over the radio and in the DOJ

    http://www.wrn.com/2012/10/renewed-call-to-close-gun-sale-loophole/ So WAVE has their hands deep and dirty into the Brookfield shooting....they really want to attack the freedom to buy and sell privately. What is scary is that these people are so concerned with eliminating lawful transactions...
  4. Snake161

    Did ANYBODY see this???

    I can not believe there are complete idiots out there like this. I am beside myself with shock. http://wtaq.com/news/articles/2012/may/29/man-arrested-for-test-firing-handgun-bullet-travels-through-apartment-window/
  5. Snake161

    Glock sight pusher?

    Hello everybody, I am wanting to install my trijicon nights on my Glock 30, but I am very finicky about taking it to smiths' due to very bad experiences in the past. I can't see myself using the pusher more than this time, since most of the time I purchase my guns with nights installed. So...
  6. Snake161

    Open Carry and Concealed

    So, there are a number of questions that I have been meaning to have answered for some time now. I browsed the DOJ FAQ and found no answers to my quandaries. 1) With or without CC permit, can open carry on UW system campus' grounds, while not entering any buildings? 2) Can I open carry in...
  7. Snake161

    Appleton city parks

    So we are having a birthday party in a city park later this week, and I wanted to know if it is legal to open carry there. This is the only topic I guess I never thought of before. I decided to check with appleton pd and was told no weapons allowed in the park. Im not sure if i believe this, I...
  8. Snake161

    Concealed carry

    It seems as though the legislation will be a "shall issue" type of legislation. Its still early to declare it as such yet, but this is what's bouncing around. A background check and a fee and your able to carry. Not exactly what we wanted, but it's better than not having the right to carry at all.
  9. Snake161

    Carry it or not?

    Hey guys, so, I have a few questions. I usually carry a Glock 21 for open carry, since I like Glocks for all of the known reasons. I also have a newer Dan Wesson Valor 1911. The question is, do you guys carry your more expensive firearms, or your less expensive, for fear of them being taken...
  10. Snake161

    Budget bill

    So my sister told me that in school today and all week her teachers have been advocating and "educating" them on the "dangers" of Governor Walkers budget bill. I am pretty pissed about this. Where does this have ANY place in a public school? This is not for them to talk about in school! I am...
  11. Snake161

    Hello everybody!

    I am a new member here, lurked for a while but never joined. Just wanted to say hello and give some background on myself. I am 23, working full time and attending college at UW-O. I have been open carrying for a year and half now. I started on my own, and have now gotten others to join me. I...