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  1. Turbod'1

    Opencarry.org STILL hasn't recognized Texas new laws

    ...I'm not speaking of the forum, rather, the main site. It has still yet to acknowledge that we do, indeed, have a version of Open Carry of Pistols. Is the main site dead in the water?
  2. Turbod'1

    Post your TX Open Carry experiences here!

    This is the result of 45 seconds:
  3. Turbod'1

    No Firearms at Military Career Centers

    The proliferation of 'Active Shooters' on military bases aside, it seems ALL such Recruiting places have this sign posted on their doors; my question is, wouldn't a place such as this, in a strip mall [as they often are], be far different than ACTUAL Federal Property? I would think that they...
  4. Turbod'1

    DMV: Registration Tax exemption for Veterans?

    Seems I'm due for a renewal and the Bill is $178.00. When I first registered the car I wasn't a resident of Nevada so, I basically got my Drivers License and Registration done in the same day. However, since I wasn't a resident, I didn't seem to qualify for the Tax Exemption. Anyone know how...
  5. Turbod'1

    Fellow OC needs help for trip to VA

    Hi, I wouldn't normally ask (as opposed to doing my research) but this is kind of last minute. My wife is in military AIT at Fort Lee and it turns out that they are giving her a pass for the 4th of July weekend. Last minute, but I'll be flying down there and I'm wondering what I should know if...
  6. Turbod'1

    "Flipping Vegas" [TV Show] and CCW... um.

    So, watched an episode in which they're working in 'gang territory' and he gets a late night call that somethings happing to the place he's in the process of flipping: Pulls up [again, at NIGHT] in a $100,000+ Porsche, hops out... and goes to his trunk to get his gun, chambers a round and...
  7. Turbod'1

    Serious Question: LVMPD + Youtube

    So, I recently stumbled across LVMPD YouTube site and noticed that it's updated frequently. I also noticed that comments and ratings are DISABLED for all their videos --in fact, the last comments made on their main page are (of like 4 total) 5 years old. My question, and it may be stupid...
  8. Turbod'1

    How to get Certified as a Security Guard in Nevada?

    By that, I mean ARMED. So many requirements, and that's cool YET, can anyone refer me to a reputable place that won't charge me out the ass to become certified in Nevada [I have been certified in the past, and again in the military]? Eventually, I'll require a job [relaxing on my savings...
  9. Turbod'1

    2A and NON-Firearms?

    Just wondering... is there any precedent that the 2A was used to defend having 'prohibited offense weapons' such as knives, billy clubs, baseball bats, etc? I'm curious as, I can't quite get my mind around the fact that I can OC a Glock --while, simultaneously, my carry of a Gerber...
  10. Turbod'1

    Don't ban me!

    Just call me Columbus. Christopher Columbus. OK, now that it's out of my system, Mods, do your thing! :D **EDIT** Just an FYI, I originally posted this under the sub forum "Nevada Training" which has no activity and it got moved here. At any rate, thanks for not actually banning me John...
  11. Turbod'1

    WTF: Examiner.com

    Given this sites past 'Leadership' related internal squabbles, I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised that your current 'Boss' is "Examiner.com". :confused: I can understand the need to cover ones costs BUT when the advertisement/poor HTML gets to the point of utter distraction --or, even...
  12. Turbod'1

    This guy knows his stuff!

    A long watch [and I know this forum isn't geared towards long guns --yet, I feel it applies to OC all the same]-- I'm impressed with how he addressed it; bottom line (to me): there is an absolute correlation to his 'crime' and educating the public that "He's not breaking the law"...
  13. Turbod'1

    New Resident of Henderson [confused]

    Hello all, first time posting here and I'm hoping I could get a little insight that might relive my confusion over the firearm laws in Nevada, esp. Henderson. Now, I have done due diligence, in that I've spent HOURS reading from various forums and the laws themselves, and yet... I'm still...