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  1. Freedom1Man

    Home intruder shot in shower, home owner charged with murder 1

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/04/04/washington-state-man-arrested-after-killing-intruder-in-shower-police-say.html While I don't agree with with his choice of actions, I am more interested in his actions being, techically legal or not. Intruder = felony Trespass = Gross misdemeanor Which...
  2. Freedom1Man

    About needing ID to even ride in a car

    Is it true, what I am hearing about AZ about to pass a law making it a 'crime' to not have ID while riding in a car with a friend?
  3. Freedom1Man

    Eastside meetup

    I have noticed that there are not any meet up a happening again. Would like to make a meetup for eastside area. Open to suggestions. I believe that the Lyon's Den in Bothell was a meeting place for awhile. I would be cool with that, bus stop near it, cool pawn/gun shop close by, and it was a...
  4. Freedom1Man

    What are liberal ideas?

    I am trying a new (for me) tactic, I am trying to get liberals to explain what liberal and/or progressive ideas are. If they are progressive, what are they progressing towards? I want them to explain themselves. So far, striking out. "I don't want to explain myself to a conservative..." Any...
  5. Freedom1Man

    More, "does openly carried guns make people nervous," and the sickening answers.

    More, "does openly carried guns make people nervous," and the sickening answers. https://www.quora.com/Do-some-people-get-nervous-when-they-see-a-gun-owner-open-carry-in-America-If-so-why Just some of it found there.
  6. Freedom1Man

    Tow truck driving

    Had someone tell me that RTTO (Registered Tow Truck Operators) were not allowed to let their drivers go out armed, by law. Asked them to at least cite the law, they didn't know. I cannot find any such prohibition in the law. Could anyone here please help me clear this up? I ask because of...
  7. Freedom1Man

    For those who like to participate in education on the gun issues.

    https://www.quora.com/Why-do-people-continue-to-arguing-about-gun-control-when-there-is-no-hope-of-convincing-the-other-side I hope this link works. I do put an effort in there to help educate the truly ignorant. Sent from my SM-G386T using Tapatalk
  8. Freedom1Man

    Photos of where Bernie supporters can find their free S, and where Hillary supporters

    I know that I am not starting out with a photo, but be creative and let us know which is which. Many of the places look the same. I am a fan of the "Blue voting booths," for Shillary and the tankers that collect those votes filled with Bernie's free hand outs. .... Alright, here is a Hillary...
  9. Freedom1Man

    Irish jokes

    So, an Irish man walked out of a bar.... I know, I was shocked too. Sent from my SM-G386T using Tapatalk
  10. Freedom1Man

    Local OC education with your local, media personalities, is it wise?

    I keep hearing incorrect information about guns, and carriers there of, from media personalities. Mostly radio show hosts because I don't watch TV news. So, would having local gatherings where we invite our local media personalities to join us for meeting and education, be a good idea? I...
  11. Freedom1Man

    Is it legal to lace products that you're not sharing?

    Tired of the criminals stealing stuff all over the area. I deliver to construction sites and hear about all the stuff being stolen even from remote sites. I also had my car broken into again. Since it is legal to make exlax brownies for your own lunch that the one person in the office keeps...
  12. Freedom1Man

    A planned OC event in Seattle? WSCC

    It was suggested that it might be kinda nice for a dozen or so of us all joined up to attend an event or get lunch together on a Saturday. Would need a Washington CPL though to carry at this location though. Who would be interested? Bringing your recording devices would be strongly suggested...
  13. Freedom1Man

    What if a "state," of the union was not legally a state?

    I did not know how to best phrase the title. But, if states were never admitted into the union legally, what becomes of them if it is recognized that they were never legally states in the first place? I got the idea from hearing this bit on the radio...
  14. Freedom1Man

    No fly, no buy

    Listing to the radio, there is the proposed law saying that if you're on the no fly list then you should not be able to buy guns. Just a heads up, they are bringing up this horrible idea again. Sent from my SM-G386T using Tapatalk
  15. Freedom1Man

    3D Printing & CNC machining, as it relates to DIY GUNS.

    Since we know that we can legally build our own firearms without government "permission." So, would it still count as a build it yourself if you rented time on someone's CNC machine or 3D metal printer to build it? So if someone has the files and/or program written already and you were to rent...
  16. Freedom1Man

    Greater Eastside picnic

    Who would be interested in attending a picnic in the Issaquah area? If there is enough interest I would like to set one up for August. It is just off of I-90 and some of our brethern from East of the mountain peaks might find it easier to join in. If there is no interest then I will not...
  17. Freedom1Man

    What is the worst mis-information you have ever been told by a person in authority or

    Please refer to the state and any applicable laws that would apply. In Washington, was told today, by a former cop, that you cannot drink while carrying AND that you can carry into any bar. RCW 9.41.300 (1)(d) {cannot carry into a bar} Cannot find any prohibition about drinking while...
  18. Freedom1Man

    The anti-gun groups never sleep...

    Found this on craigslist. Sent from my SM-G386T using Tapatalk
  19. Freedom1Man

    Background check law, blocks 50 gun sales.

    http://www.king5.com/mb/news/local/investigations/background-check-law-blocks-50-gun-purchases/102563695 How the idiots like to spin things. Sent from my SM-G386T using Tapatalk
  20. Freedom1Man

    Should a customer be made aware of a security flaw?

    If you discovered an interesting security flaw in a customer's security, in this case it being the customer's own fault, should you point it out? In this case I noticed that building sites use a construction key and construction balls. The way that things are setup if you gained access to a...