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  1. LeviR

    Moving Question

    I know this is a little off-topic, but this is the most helpful forum I've been on so I thought I'd post it. My family and I are moving to TX in teh near future and have secured Arizona non-resident permits. The problem is that we live in Kansas (until tomorrow) and can't use our AZ permits to...
  2. LeviR

    Citation for Open Carry in Vehicle

    I have seen it mentioned several times on this forum (and in the map section) that the rule for Kansas unlicensed open carry is "plain view". However, I am unable to find that in the statutes. Can someone point to the statute? Thanks
  3. LeviR

    OC In College Station

    I was just in College Station Wednesday for a job interview and saw a couple guys OCing full-size Glocks in J Cody's. Is there some special ordinance there that allows it or were these guys just brave?
  4. LeviR

    HB2111 Open Carry Preemption in Kansas?

    http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2013_14/measures/documents/hb2111_01_0000.pdf I'm not a lawyer, nor am I well-versed in legal analysis, but it seems to me that this bill is very clear: open carry will be legal across Kansas with the only exception being court houses and other municipal...
  5. LeviR

    PoliceOne survey indicates officers prefer armed citizenry but are leery of OC

    http://www.policeone.com/Gun-Legislation-Law-Enforcement/articles/6186552-PoliceOne-Gun-Control-Survey-Are-legally-armed-citizens-the-best-solution-to-gun-violence/ Interesting stuff. May help combat the "90% of Americans support universal background checks" nonsense.
  6. LeviR

    1000 foot law and car carry

    I'm just trying to clarify the 1000 foot law. If I'm driving into town open carrying a loaded firearm and I drive on a road that is within 1000 feet of school grounds, am I in violation of the federal (or state) laws? Thanks!
  7. LeviR

    "places of worship" carry

    As I understand it, concealed carry is illegal in "places of worship" in Kansas. Is that the case for open carry as well or do they have to post a sign on the door? Thanks!