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  1. golddigger14s

    Everett Police offering gift cards for firearms

    No, but they have to be done through an FFL.
  2. golddigger14s

    Assorted Memes

    These memes are funny, but at the same time, they are a very sad state of what is going on in this country.
  3. golddigger14s

    Great Win at the U.S. Supreme Court for the Second Amendment!

    Also, they want access to your social media accounts. It may have become shall issue but the requirements will make it almost impossible, and the places that are off limits will make a person just say never mind.
  4. golddigger14s

    WA CPL going to Utah.

    You should be good. https://www.usacarry.com/concealed-carry-permit-reciprocity-maps/
  5. golddigger14s

    OCDO Campout 2021

    Did it happen at all?
  6. golddigger14s

    CCW Permit with a 22 year old felony conviction

    Check your state, WA does not allow black powder either.
  7. golddigger14s

    Oregon with a Utah Permit

    Bring your question to the OR thread. OR does not recognize any other states CPL.
  8. golddigger14s

    More than one concealed handgun with wa cpl?

    Most LEO's put their own spin/interpretation on what they think/feel. Also a good question for the WA thread.
  9. golddigger14s

    OCDO Campout

    I know, but it's a bit farther than I want to drive. Now if someone wants to give me a real challenge for the "Theme" event I might make an exception. :)
  10. golddigger14s

    John, do you still have any OCDO coins? Also WAGUNS is thinking about making their own. Info on...

    John, do you still have any OCDO coins? Also WAGUNS is thinking about making their own. Info on manufacture and approximate price per coin?
  11. golddigger14s

    OCDO Campout

    Wish I could make it, I'm in OK now.
  12. golddigger14s

    Introduction & Thanks

    Thank you for your service TB.
  13. golddigger14s

    Traveling with firearms

    Don't even go through NJ. "NJ Security Guard Wrongfully Arrested for Carrying Handgun with Permit. Roselle Park police in New Jersey wrongfully arrested a security guard with a concealed handgun permit. He was charged for allegedly improperly transporting a firearm and being in possession of...
  14. golddigger14s

    Haven't dropped in in a while....

  15. golddigger14s

    Carrying while wearing a mask??

    King 5 article: https://www.king5.com/article/news/verify/verify-yes-you-can-wear-mask-and-carry-weapon-washington/293-cdde6df7-6210-48ac-bca2-3e616e43d74d
  16. golddigger14s

    Save the date: 4/18/2020 Olympia - March for our Rights 3.0

    Greetings all, Looks like the same group(s) as last year are setting up for another 'March for our Rights' in Olympia on 4/18/2020, Noon - 4PM. Early notice...hopefully more info to follow. Now more than ever spread the word and plan on attending if you can.
  17. golddigger14s

    Post your open carry experiences and encounters

    Saw a 2nd OC'er in the last week at the Lawton Hilton Garden Inn.
  18. golddigger14s

    Post your open carry experiences and encounters

    Saw an OC'er at Walmart in Lawton. The only person that said anything was me when I said that's a nice 1911.
  19. golddigger14s

    Open Carry in Practice: Who's done it? | Vigilance Elite

    When I lived in WA I used to OC all the time with no issue even at my bank. I'm now in OK which no longer requires a permit to carry, but I have one anyway since it is accepted in 38 states. I CC here only because I haven't seen anyone OC till yesterday at Walmart (1911).
  20. golddigger14s

    Waiting for November 1

    I will keep my OK permit because it is accepted in 38 states.