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    imported post I finally checked out Bayoushooters, made a post and only 1 person had a civil grown up response. I swear that site is nothing but ANGRY, IGNORANT COPS. they call names and resort to school child attacks, most of you guys know I am from a LEO family and DO NOT remember my father...
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    20 lb trigger

    imported post OK guys, need help again. My wife has developed a fear of her S&W . 38 revolver and flat out refuses to shoot it anymore allthough it saved her life at the gas station in Marrero (you guys probably remember that) Anyway.... After shooting 9mm,327, 32, 380, both auto's and...
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    Help Me Out

    imported post You guys who have been here for a while know Me and probably know I have been gone for a while and just recently joined in again,any way, what is this brocure I keep hearing about? Where do I get some? I assumne the brocure quotes the La laws, and open carry rights? Perhaps...
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    imported post OK here goes, Without pissing any one off, the name of this forum is Open Carry. Not Screw with some one for their take on the subject. If I want to hear bickering and adolescent name calling I can call my kids. I am recently back after an absence and have been astonished by...
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    Detained in Home Depot

    imported post Afternoon Fellas, Been gone a while, as I have mentioned I work offshore and have had precious few days at home in the past month or so also my oldest Daughter just had her first child so , any way , good to be back and here goes. My wife and I were at Home Depot shopping Sunday...
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    imported post This is super easy to do , looks good and is cheap. I saw one done in red also, red was too dark for me as you can see I used yellow. Simply heat up slide (remove slide first of course) using a butane type lighter heat slide, take CRAYON , yes crayon and rub over any engraving...