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  1. Rollbar

    OC in a Assisted Living Facility

    Not sure if a sign is posted (will find out today). Just thinking and maybe a stupid question that goes along w/signage posted etc. but does a assisted living place or nursing home fall under the category of instruction or a place of learning since they do instruct etc. I don't think so but...
  2. Rollbar

    No Guns-No Money

  3. Rollbar

    Open Carry Laws in Elko Area ?

    Does anyone know a any specific OC laws in the Elko area (I80 South to Hwy 50)? I haven't heard of anything but thought I would ask. We are going there to hunt for a week. Thanks, Jim
  4. Rollbar

    NFAC 2012 General Election Ratings

    Maybe this will help some. It is easier to view in the PDF. If need be I can edit so the PDF link will only appear, so let me know if you can view the PDF on NFAC site. http://www.nvfac.org/images/documents/nvfac-general-election-ratings-2012.pdf Nevada Firearms Coalition 2012 General...
  5. Rollbar

    Banner Hospital (Fallon) No Weapons on Premises

    I was going to visit someone today and I noticed some white lettering on the glass stating No Weapons Allowed (I was OCing)-I can't remember what else it said. Not a sign but white letters on the glass (I guess that constitutes a sign). This would still be the same as a sign in a business...
  6. Rollbar

    23 Year Old Robbed and Killed in Ga.

    A friend of my kids while at work taking out the trash was robbed and killed. * *She did not survive a gun shot to the abdominal cavity.* What a shame. * You never know when trouble comes so be ready.*
  7. Rollbar

    Can one OC/CCW @ the Air Races Friday ? (Reno)

    Like the subject reads. My son brought home two tickets for Friday's Air Races and we were wondering if we can carry there? Those of you who attended this function before any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,. Jim
  8. Rollbar

    Glock 23 Gen4 for sale -- KKM 9mm Barrel Fits Glock

    I deleted the post BODY due to this Google Forum, and Googles RULES. (10) WE DO NOT ALLOW "FOR SALE/TRADE" OR RAFFLE ADS: We use Google Ads to help cover the expenses of the forum and their rules specifically disallow the sale of firearms, ammo and accessories (including the raffle of such)...
  9. Rollbar

    James Yeager _ Open Carry/Concealed Carry

    Although I don't agree w/some of the language used I thought it was interesting. He also offers a free class at the end of his video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLLxkMrBsFA&feature=player_embedded#!
  10. Rollbar

    Armed Citizen Shoots Robber

  11. Rollbar

    A Study of Handgun Stopping Power

  12. Rollbar

    Front Sight is Hiring

  13. Rollbar

    Interesting Facts

    Maccabees Arms Posted this on another forum & I thought it was interesting. http://news.yahoo.com/who-knew/registered-guns-which-countries-have-the-highest-registered-gun-to-citizen-ratio-29789197.html
  14. Rollbar

    Going to Reno AirPort on Saturday-Question.

    Just to make sure, I have a question about the AirPort Property. I will have a rifle (no round in the chamber) in vehicle and a handgun on my side. If I remember right I can still drive on the property to drop off my passenger correct? Thanks, Jim
  15. Rollbar

    Financially-strapped Nevada city declared disaster

  16. Rollbar

    Glock 9x19 9mm Gen4 for sale w/accessories

    Glock 19 Gen4 - FS Sold
  17. Rollbar

    How NOT to Shoot a Revolver.

  18. Rollbar

    Turkey Shoot-Relay for Life

  19. Rollbar

    SWFA - Bowling Pin Match

    The first match was today and there is another one tomorrow. Example: Jr in his first match w/the Glock. He won but still had fun-he can wait to do the ICORE revolver shoots he said. He won this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qj87uUoJ1cg
  20. Rollbar

    BLM Says Shooting is a “Resource-Harming” Activity

    http://www.nvfac.org/bls-land-grab.html Please go to the highlighted links and send your letters/emails in to fight this. P.S. I did a search but couldn't find, so I posted this.