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    2A rally /protest

    This is copied& pasted from here http://www.facebook.com/events/402063946538362/ Please give serious thought to attending.
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    Need help, looking for the best laws regarding OC

    Greeting folks! I was recently charged with the task of trying to find the best laws in the country regarding open carry, laws that might be used to pattern& model legislation off of. Currently Ks law is mostly mute on the subject& by default allows open carry, but some municipalities have been...
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    Visiting TN, is OC an option

    I will be visiting a friend in Knoxville for 10 days or so, is open carry an option for me? is there a thread with a thumbnail sketch of the laws? would be flying in from Wichita to Atlanta& taking greyhound to Knoxville. then driving back to airport in Atlanta for the return trip.