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    My family and I got kicked out of Cardenas on Tropicana!!!

    My family and I were kicked out of a market this morning(Cardenas/on Tropicana) because I had a gun on my hip, I've been going to this market for years now (armed) and security had no problems with it, but apparently this unarmed security idiot that didnt even speak english did have a problem. I...
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    Us guys & gals that carry 1911's.

    imported post Hi everyone, I have been open carrying my 1911 Kimber TLE Custom 2 for about a year now, and from what I've heard through the grapevine if its true or not is that the 1911's work better with FMJ rounds. I've heard the pro's and con's with the Hydrashock rounds and don't...
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    Open carry with a not so perfect record.

    imported post I haven't been arrested since I was a teen until a year and a half ago when I had a club type weapon that I used to keep in my car, long story short I had a parking violation posted on my car window for parking in front of a Mcdonalds when there was no sign stating so. A couple...
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    If an apartment land lord has a problem with open carry?

    imported post Hello everyone, I've heard of vague stories of some apartment landlords having problems with people open carrying their firearms, and even sometimes they attempt to get these innocent people evicted. My first thought would be to see a lawyer, but in any case what would you do in...
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    New frame on gun, re registration question!!

    imported post Hey everyone, I'm very new to this forum and first off I am very impressed and look up to you all for exercising your 2nd amendent right. I just started OCing recently, nothing negative so far ...so far, but I am sure it will eventually happen! Well my question to you all is I...