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  1. J

    AR-15 Build

    I have a question, well I guess it's actually questions, in regards to building my own AR(s).:cool: I am selling out the remainder of my current little side business inventory and am planning to use some of the money to build an AR. My questions are basically how do I even start? What tools...
  2. J

    Arizona Purge aka Riots? Real or Hoax?

    Whats going on eveyone I think it's all a hoax but just wanted to let you guys know about the "Purge" that is supposedly going to happen tonight? Thoughts? http://www.occupycorporatism.com/home/14-cities-receive-purge-threats-causing-mass-panic-real/...
  3. J

    Advice for a soon-to-be Marine?

    Hello all, After long discussion and speaking with a recruiter my wife and I have decided that we are going to enlist into the Marines. I am in the process now of filling out all necessary paperwork and should be taking my ASVAB next Monday 8/25. Only question I feel like I really have at this...
  4. J

    Arizona Militia?

    Hello all my fellow carriers. I have an idea that popped into my head regarding the possible start of an Arizona Militia? I don't want to sound paranoid or anything like that, I'm just wondering if it would be a good idea as armed Arizona residents to start a militia should an emergency...
  5. J

    Places to shoot around the Valley?

    I understand I can go to Shooters World or Scottsdale Gun Club but I am wondering if there are any good places to shoot around the valley for hopefully the price of free99? My wife has been talking with me and wants to go out and shoot my gun and get a good feel for it should she have to use it...
  6. J

    New Empty Holster Protest soon?

    Was wondering if there would be anyway to do a Nationwide Empty Holster Protest for all SCCC supporters sometime soon? I know that summer is pretty much upon us now but I figure the more time we have the better, possible the first week of school? Would be a good way to inform incoming students...
  7. J

    Any Movie Theatres in the Valley that permit OC?

    I really want to go see the new Need for Speed movie yet I want to be able to defend myself at the same time. I know that Harkins does not allow weapons and i've read that AMC is a no go as well. If I was able to CC I would in order to still feel protected and not raise any alarms, however I'm...