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    Looking for a certified NRA instructor.

    imported post Ok it’s off topic a bit, and please I am not asking for your opinions about the NRA. (I know opinions vary and emotions run deep here) I am just looking for a NRA certified pistol instructor; I would like to speak to him or her.
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    Spent military brass to be destroyed!!!!

    imported post I just found out about this today though it has been in effect for a month. Just Google- spent military brass to be destroyed and dozens of stories will pop up. In short if you buy reloaded ammo in military calibers you willbe spending muchmore for it. If he cannot get our...
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    Castle Doctrine reintroduced!!

    imported post Castle Doctrine legislation has been reintroduced by State Senator Jim Holperin (D-12) in the Senate and in the House by State Representatives Chris Danou (D-91) and Ann Hraychuck (D-28). Castle Doctrine legislation would permit law-abiding citizens to use force, including deadly...
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    Looking for a good range to shoot at.

    imported post As some of you know I just moved back from Las Vegas and I am asking for some suggestions on a range to join close to Milwaukee. I would like one that will allow me to draw from a holster, will allow some rapid fire and most important not a lengthy waiting list. I am basically...
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    Dose anyone know what happened to Wisconsin’s Castle Doctrine?

    imported post The only information I can find on Wisconsin’s Castle Doctrine (AB 35) is that it is stuck in committee as of 3/7/2008. Dose anyone know anything else?