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    Best idea for carry yet

    What if you have a baby in a stroller and you store a gun behind his or her back? What cop would man handle a baby to search a stroller?
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    357sig Fiocchi ammo damm all bottleneck cartridges.

    Bought 500 rounds and 3 boxes had no crimp and the bullets fell in. Fiocchi sent a refund when i sent all 455 rounds i didn't use.
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    Idea for kwik!!

    Oc a ak-47 pistol and wear a bed sheet and turbin on your head or wear a full burka. Then when the cops harass you SCREAM BLOODY DISCRIMINATION.
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    Should we not talk religion on a gun forum or what?

    I think it bad like talking about crack/ cocaine with paris hilton.
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    How many posts until you get banned?

    I talked guns on a knitting forum and got banned before i even had 10 posts. Can i talk knitting on this forum? BTW the only thing i know about knitting is you use yarn.
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    .380 not good enough?

    What if you have to shoot a big fat guy will it even go thru a motorcycle jacket.
  7. N

    Remington 870 pistol

    I have one 18.5 barrel.
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    The worst that cali can do to a 16 or 17 yearold for CC or OC

    Being a minor what can they possibly do to you?
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    Who is full of **** and who is not?

    Did AB1934.... pass or no ? I'm moving to la in a few weeks.