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    *stolen handgun* high point

    I had a Springfield XDm ,40 stolen out of my jeep. It's OD Green with stainless steel slide. (i already filed a report with the PD) The last 4 numbers of the serial are ****0981
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    There was a guy Ocing at Uwharrie off road trails. Is it bad that i didn't go out of my way to tell him that he CAN NOT carry there unless its hunting season.( unless unless its a 12ga or a .22)(cause i could not catch up with him)
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    GREENESBORO new ordinance

    While i was OCing today i took a gander at the newspaper, and i saw this.... http://www.news-record.com/content/2010/11/17/article/council_imposes_downtown_curfew?ref=nf Not sure about yall...But this drives me crazy.... The exceptions...Married....what.... would if you got caught and you...
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    Just wanted to say Thank You for helping to preserve the second amendment in VA

    Well I have been workin' in Martinsville for last few days and will be there till Friday I Open Carry everywhere there in front of cops and everything WITH OUT being harassed about it. so i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helps to preserve the second amendment in your Great State.
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    Carolina Beach

    I'm at Carolina Beach for the next week. Anyone know if i can OC on sidewalks and such, and what about the beach? I have been looking and looking i cant find anything. I tried to call the PD but they dont have a 24hour office, I was going to ask a cop i saw...but i didnt want him to lie to...
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    Well, Panera bread is a new battle ground.

    This is the emails.....ugh. Looks like i am going to take me 100$ a month elsewhere. John: I understand that it is legal to carry an open holstered handgun in NC. If you're not a police officer then the customers do become uneasy. I would prefer that you didn't carry in the open in our...
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    Husband comes to wife's rescue during robbery

    http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/story?se...cal&id=7526795 MOORE COUNTY (WTVD) -- Moore County deputies say a convenience store holdup turned into a shootout between the alleged robbers and a store clerk's husband. Related Photos Store shootout leaves three wounded View all 22 photos It happened...
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    Cary's open Cary laws

    imported post I'm working at the raleigh gun show and my hotel is in Cary, can I open carry?
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    I'm going to visit Michigan City

    imported post I live here in North Carolina. My dad lives in Michigan City, well Trail Creek. I normally come up once a year....This yeah i decided to visit in the summer... not the winter. lol But anyways I have only been OCing for about a year now, I don't not have my chp/ccw, because i...
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    Apple store at friendly center

    imported post I was asked to leave today. I'm out and about anyone got the contact info on hand? Was gnna buy an ipad...... Not anymore
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    Three deadly shootings this weekend

    imported post Three reasons i carry. http://www.myfox8.com/wghp-galax-walmart-shooting-100501,0,7253750.story http://www.myfox8.com/news/wghp-mebane-murder-charges-100502,0,919827.story cant find the link for the third. the kids shot in the cookout drive thru
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    Open carry meet May 25th

    imported post There will be an open carry meet May 25th 6:30 at Prissy Polly's 729 Nc Highway 66 S Kernersville, NC 27284-3128 (336) 993-5045 www.PrissyPollys.com http://www.meetup.com/Triangle-Open-Carry/calendar/13250632/?from=list&offset=0 Sticky Please!
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    Triad Open Carry Meet.

    imported post We have been slacking, Need to have another one in kernersville (only cause its in the middle between High Point Greensboro and Winston.) Maybe try a new restaurant, I live like 5 miles away i'll start to make a list of places that we could go. maybe in one month?
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    Yet another walmart encounter.

    imported post Well today at the North main Wal-Mart in High Point. I had an Interesting encounter. It started kinda bad, But ended really good. It was oddly packed for a monday night, I was off the the side a little bit looking at toothpaste a girl tried to squeeze between me and the shelf...
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    Moving To Indiana

    imported post I am moving to Northern Indiana, From North Carolina. I cant wait to OC(why ccw when you can OC?!?!) I have done it in a Few places here in NC, but the law is so messed up on OC here its dangerous to do it. So in Indiana are there any dos or donts of OC i really need to know...