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    We set a record today

    imported post I think the Manassas 7 thing has stirred up the group.
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    Fairfax School board can't read.

    imported post This is the reply I got from the Fairfax School Board after I followed a VCDL campaign to try and stop an anti-gun legislative agenda. On top is their reply, with the e-mail I sent them below. Am I missing something here or did they not read my e-mail? This response is...
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    Great, Now we have an anti-gun Republican running for President

    imported post http://www.comcast.net/news/index.jsp?cat=GENERAL&fn=/2006/11/13/519978.html
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    To Dumb to work?

    imported post I is nice to see, that after 19 years of service, I am too dumb to "do well". Now I know why I was in Iraq. Thanks John Kerry.
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    Carry on school grounds

    imported post I know the law says we can go to the parking lot and drop off circle as long as we remain in our vehicle. How does this apply to a motorcycle? You are not exactly inside anything, but on it and out in the open. I recently started riding a motorcycle and the thought just came to me.
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    MSF class carry

    imported post Any suggestions on if or how I should carry while attending the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) class at the Richmond DMV this week. I am leaning toward CCing (sorry) because the class is important to me and I would hate to be kicked out and loose my money. Please don't flame...
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    Not currently carrying

    imported post I was wondering how others felt about this subject. I have currently discontinued carrying for the time being due to the strong pain medication I am taking. I don't want to make a mistake or be accused of carrying under the influence(even though they are legal for me). I am not...
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    CC Premit Law Changes

    imported post I read in the Mechanicsville Local last night about a change to VA code effecting CCP. I hope this is relevant to this site, because I know many of you have a CCP. This is what I read: "A permit holder must notify the issuing court of his change of address within thirty days...
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    Cleaning Time

    imported post I was wondering how often and with whatyou all clean you weapon. I average around every 2 weeks. Before and after I go to the range (always). Also any time I get it wet either by rain or sweat. When I clean them I use a Bore Snake with Hoppes, Militec oil,and a silicon cloth to...
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    Iraq Vet Shot

    imported post I just found out today, that a Soldier I spent last year in Iraq with was shot multiple times during a car jacking. They got his car and wallet and left him for dead. He was only one block from home and 1.5 miles from my office (why I carry to work). Luckily the neighbors reacted...
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    Open Carry Courage

    imported post I have Concealed Carried for a while now, and would like to do more open carry (for political and personal reasons). The issue I have is that I still find myself being worried that everyone is looking at me even while concealed. Is it just a matter of time and it becoming second...