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    FriendOrFoe.us New Version Released

    Well, it's been long overdue, but I finally got around to finishing the 4th version of the Friend or Foe site. This one was a major overhaul, and makes it mobile friendly, and you are now able to manage your own ratings. If you have an old account, you will probably need to reset the password...
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    New Restaurant option Downtown for Lobby Day

    I know it's late notice, but if you're heading to Richmond for Lobby Day (or any time) you might want to stop in to a place a friend of mine opened a few months ago. He likes guns but the gal that works with him is a bit gunshy so I thought seeing some well-mannered folks stop in carrying might...
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    Friend or Foe - Adding Official Policy Documentation for Businesses

    After the next round or two of updates to the FriendorFoe site goes out, I want to start adding documented policies from businesses to the site. Things like emails, photos of posted signs, scanned correspondence, etc. Eventually, there will be a detail page for each rated business that can...
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    Who has the lowest FFL transfer fee in the north Richmond area?

    I haven't ordered anything online in a while and I'm not sure who has the best FFL transfer rate anymore. Anyone know the going rates around north Richmond shops? A buddy of mine is asking. I promise to have him OC her when she gets here. :)
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    McEachin in Senate District 9 has last minute opposition

    I posted this is the sticky above, but with such short notice, I wanted to give it some mention on it's own as well...if mods disapprove, zap this. Well, as of today, McEachin in Senate District 9 has some opposition. Floyd Mays will be interviewed on AM1140 at 5pm. Tune in if you can. As...
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    Updated Friend or Foe site coming soon

    I've been working on updating the Friend or Foe site, and I'm looking to get some feedback. If there are things you like and want to keep or things you don't like and would like to see changed, here's the place to put it. I've got a lot of the new design done and now need to incorporate any...
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    Friend or Foe site update

    Just wanted to stop in and mention that the Friend or Foe site usage continues to grow at a steady clip. There are just shy of 2,400 locations listed. Thanks for all the hard work put in to make the site useful for others. Here's an overview of what the country looks like (you can only see...
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    Blackfinn - Downtown Richmond OC friendly?

    imported post I searched and didn't come up with anything, and there's nothing on the friendorfoe.us site. Anyone know if Blackfinn is posted or OC friendly? Thanks!
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    Carrying Handguns in state Forests - Update

    imported post Just got this email from DOF. Emphasis added by me. Looks like we're in business.
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    VCDL Meeting - Joe Morrissey - Audio

    imported post Here's the audio from the VCDL meeting where Joe Morrissey talked about his views on the 2A. 0:00-15:30 - Intro, Coliseum stickers issue, 1A, 4A, 2A bill for defining 'dealers' that he introduced but didn't get far, education issues, etc. 15:30 - 36:34 - Q/A session. Quite...
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    So I had always heard Serpa's were good...

    imported post and after carrying my new MP9 in one for about a week, I'm sold. I love this thing. Faster draws, faster reholstering, perfectly accessible retention. What more could you want? I haven't tried the pancake holster attachment yet, but I simply can't say enough good about this...
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    Virginia Attorney General Signs Amicus Brief Supporting Second Amendment Incorporation

    imported post From the latest NRA-ILA alert: Please Thank Attorney General Bill Mims Two-thirds of the nation’s attorneys general have filed an amicus brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to grant certiorari in the case of NRA v. Chicago and hold that the Second Amendment applies to state and...
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    Friend or Foe Tool - New URL and Updates

    imported post There are now almost 400 businesses reviewed, thanks to the efforts of many of you. Thanks! I just updated the Friend or Foe Tool with a new, shorter URL and a couple features. The new URL is http://friendorfoe.us so update any bookmarks you may have. The old URL will redirect...
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    Friend or Foe - Tool for finding pro-2A businesses

    imported post For a long time I wanted to know if a restaurant or business was pro or anti gun. I'd like to spend my money at locations that support the RKBA. There was no easy way to find out if a place was pro or anti gun, so I wrote a web application to help track that info. This has been...
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    Buffalo Wild Wings - attack in a gun free zone

    imported post http://www.wric.com/Global/story.asp?S=10355703 One person was injured during an armed robbery at Buffalo Wild Wings in Shockoe Bottom early Wednesday morning. The victim, and employee at the restaurant, was beaten about the face during the robbery, according to investigators...
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    NRA Alert for FL CCW holders (resident and non-residnt)

    imported post In a last minute sneak attack on gun owners, the Florida Legislature raided the concealed weapons and firearms licensing trust fund. This not only effects resident CCW license holders, but non-resident Florida license holders as well! They took $6 million from the Division of...
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    Friend or Foe tool passes 100 businesses rated!

    imported post Just wanted to say thanks to all those that have submitted business ratings for the site. We recently passed the 100 rated businesses mark for the VA area. Keep them coming! http://friendorfoe.thesecond.us As always, feedback is welcome/appreciated.
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    Live Veto Session

    imported post Meant to post this earlier, but you can view the veto session online at House: http://legis.state.va.us/hod_session_streaming.html and Senate: http://legis.state.va.us/sov_session_streaming.html
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    Friend or Foe - New tool for finding pro-2A businesses

    imported post This was burried in another thread, but I just posted an update to the Friend or Foe tool, taking into consideration feedback recieved on various forums so I figured I'd give it some publicity. There's no log in required (the add form is hidden until some steps are performed so...
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    Reply from Senator McEachin

    imported post I just got the following reply from Sen. McEachin regarding the VCDL alert message I sent the other day. Short. Sweet. Entirely off the mark. My reply: