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    What statute?

    What statute is this in reference to? http://jurist.law.pitt.edu/colloq2.htm Its probably right there but I cant find it.
  2. L

    Permit processing.

    Is Bridgeport still doing renewals & initial state permits or what? I hear many different things, got my sister thru the course & she's procrastinating because she thinks she needs to go to Middletown. I know its no excuse but I want to get her off her butt, if she needs to go to Middletown...
  3. L

    Gun in car question.

    imported post Hi guys, I'v a quick question I think I know the answer to but would like clarification. I have a camp up in northern NH across the road from the CT river. Being so close to VT I end up there often. I went ahead & got a NH permit so I can carry legally in a vehicle and usually...
  4. L

    Confiscated firearms.

    imported post I'm wondering if anyone can shed light on something I find a little disturbing. A local hunting & fishing shop owner & I were talking the other day regarding his attempts to get some guns which the police had confiscated from another man out of police custody & returned to the...