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    Hello there

    Hi everyone. Been a damned long time since I've been on here. Hope everyone is well. For the people that knew me before, sorry I seemed to have abandoned the cause but I've been defending our rights in my everyday life. Just wanted to stop in and say hey.
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    Hey everyone, wow, the OC forums have changed a lot since I've been here. Ya'll have to forgive me, I'm in to too much, haven't been here in SOOOOO long.... so you can forget about me reading all those private messages. :) Whats new?!
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    SQL Exploit Attack?

    imported post Welcome back OCDO member's. What the frack happened? Or was I the only poor-kid that couldn't get to this site from two different computers... I was getting worried.
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    Speaking of Gun Shows....

    imported post Anyone going to any gun shows around the state? I typically wait for and attend the Greensboro Gun & Knife Show at our Coliseum. I wanted to go to the one in Raleigh this past weekend but didn't have any money to spend on anything and I would have only walked out a little...
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    Shoulder Holsters

    imported post I wanted to get peoples thoughts on shoulder holsters/rigs for open or concealed carrying. I am sure there are styles for various modes whether you want to carry concealed and under a jacket or coat and even for over a coat (for those times of the year.... like now for some of...
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    ASU Student Shot "Accidentally"

    imported post So this kid, an Appalachian State University student, in Boone NC got shot and killed this weekend. It was last reported as an accident and apparently occured at an apartment where a gathering or small party was taking place. I wonder how this will come out. It occured in an...