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  1. Kromwell

    List your OC/CC expierence here.

    OC'd at our farmers market today here in Dubuque. Great day for it! :D
  2. Kromwell

    Question on "No Concealed firearms allowed signs"

    Ok... local AMC theater has "Concealed Firearms not allowed on premises' signs posted at the entrance. Sign meets state requirements.. What I was wondering, since they dont allow Conceal Carry...does this effect the ability to Open carry? Thoughts/comments?
  3. Kromwell

    List local Iowa business's that ban CCW?

    What does everyone think? Should we start posting a list like some of the other states, of business's that do not allow citizens to lawfully CCW? I know of several here in Dubuque that don't (get incensed with you too if you ask about it). I think it'd be a good way, to start showing business's...
  4. Kromwell

    Response from Sen. Harkin

    Here is a response I got from Sen. Harkin, and my response to 'his' I didnt feel like pointing out to him, as he decided to use Sandyhook as justification for banning 'assault weapons' that there were no big-bag scary rifles used. Dear Mr. Harkin, As a voter, who has voted for you over the...
  5. Kromwell

    Gun rights rally at Des Moines today on KCCI

    http://www.kcci.com/news/central-iowa/Gun-rights-supporters-rally-at-State-Capitol/-/9357080/18201488/-/dxpvat/-/index.html Segment from the story: State Rep. Tom Shaw, R-Laurens, addressed the crowd. "Do you think they have unalienable rights in China, North Korea or Iran? Ladies and...