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  1. elixin77

    SCCC, ECU Chapter at the S&D Gun Show in Greenville this weekend

    Hey guys, Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, ECU Chapter will be handing out the OC Flier and SCCC handouts at the S&D Gun show this Saturday (Apr 9). Dreamer and I were contemplating getting a table, but at a cost of $55, and having to stay both days till closing seemed a bit daunting...
  2. elixin77

    Budget Tac vest help

    Hey fellow OC'ers, I've recently acquired a vest: this vest to be exact. I understand it's not a top notch vest, however, the vest I received is in fairly good condition, and its something I can afford to get me started (until I start earning the big bucks :)) I also have this shotgun holster...
  3. elixin77

    ENC Range Day, March 19

    Hey guys, Students for Concealed Carrying on Campus, ECU chapter - which is now official, btw, is hosting a Range day on March 19th. This will be held at either Paradise Hunting Preserve or on private land which is relatively close to Paradise. I will let you know when the details are...
  4. elixin77

    USPSA matches 1/22 & 1/29

    Hey guys, Today at the ENC/Jacksonville meetup, we were talking about possibly getting together this month for the USPSA match(es) coming up. These events are located at the Pitt County Wildlife Club, which is near Greenville, NC. There are two options: -January 22nd is the USPSA pistol...
  5. elixin77

    Wierd bank/sheriff issue

    So I swing by my bank (NCSECU) Friday afternoon, to convert coin into paper (this was yesterday afternoon, I was too busy to post until this morning). After I put all my change in the change machine, I stand in line to talk to a teller. The whole time, I end up being eye-raped by the guy in...
  6. elixin77

    Pistol grip shotguns?

    Apparently, the ATF passed down an 'interpretation' that basically states that pistol grip shotguns aren't shotguns, but rather destructive devices. Any other thoughts on this subject? http://www.examiner.com/gun-rights-in-national/atf-position-on-pistol-grip-shotguns-creates-new-danger
  7. elixin77

    ENC lunch/dinner meetup interest thread

    hey guys of OCDO, just wondering if everyone would like to come together sometime for a good lunch and/or dinner somewhere in ENC. maybe meet up on a Sunday in the next few weeks, around 1230-1330. In greenville, we have panera bread (one of our member's GF works there, so we'd get a...
  8. elixin77

    Pitt County Range Day at Paradise Range

    Hey guys, During the S.C.C.C. meeting Dreamer and I had, we approached the idea of having a range day where ECU students can come out and shoot different guns (mostly 22LR, a little 45 and 9mm). As of right now, it's slated (not in stone though) for November 13. We have logistics to take care...
  9. elixin77

    So I live in a anti 2nd ammend. apt....

    imported post I've been living at a student apartment complex since January called The Bellamy in Greenville. It's nice, because it's all inclusive, has a pool, and is on the bus route to school. I subleased from someone, and it ends mid July. I was working yesterday, and get a call from the...