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  1. Mr H

    Private Property Question

    Been a long time since I've dropped by, but I could use some guidance... My wife owns part of a family farm in Logan County, and we will need to go look over the place now that the house is abandoned and the long-timers are out of the house. My question is, basically, when we're on the...
  2. Mr H

    Petition to Correct the White House's Definition of 2A

    https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/recognize-right-people-keep-and-bear-arms-not-httpwwwwhitehousegovour-governmentthe-constitution/QmQ5xKzV On the whitehouse.gov website, The summary of the Second Amendment is as-follows: Please join to have this under-addressing of the meaning of the...
  3. Mr H

    Guns Save Lives sticker...

    Blue Tundra in Glen Burnie, heading from 174 onto I-97N...
  4. Mr H

    VCDL Sticker sighting? Baltimore Beltway?!!

    At least that what it looked like in traffic... Outer loop, near Security Blvd, shortly after 4:40 this afternoon. Black Jeep Cherokee, also with a large Ruger logo and other 2A stickers. WTG!
  5. Mr H

    VCDL Membership Info??

    I sent my membership in a couple months back, and have noticed that the payment had finally processed. Is there a packet I should be expecting to receive, and if so, how long before it generally arrives? If not, then I was surprised not to receive some sort of acknowledgement for supporting...
  6. Mr H

    VCDL Sticker sighting

    Driving up US 17 this afternoon, northbound, between the Remlik turn-off and Jamaica (I can't make this stuff up)... Red Chevy pickup with aftermarket(?) foglamps.
  7. Mr H

    First time OC/Nothing happened, Virginia Beach

    We're down in the VB area this weekend, and I took the opportunity today to strap on for the first time. Decided to take the P239SAS with me, rather than lock it up in the hotel room. Wife gave me a "Geez... boys!" look, that I had to chuckle at. Took some things over to the Former Future...
  8. Mr H

    OC Breakfast 9/26, Chesapeake/Norfolk/HR area??

    I know it's short notice, but we've just confirmed we need to head down that way this weekend. Saturday will be all our usual visits all crammed into 1 day, but was wondering if anyone would be interested in meeting somewhere for an impromptu OC breakfast?? We'll be staying in the Lake Wright...
  9. Mr H

    Not OC "per se", but interesting...

    Was in Ocean City MD this weekend. Went down on the boardwalk this morning, and noticed a guy. Looked like a typical toughass sort, overall, but something about his whole "partiot" persona didn't fit. I thought he might be LEO, or maybe recently separated from the Marines, or something, but...
  10. Mr H

    Comfortable and secure IWB for Sig P238

    Suggestions? That is all.
  11. Mr H

    I Think I Saw A Female Unicorn!!!

    Young lady, in a gold VW Cabrio, going north on I-83 near Hunt Valley... She had a round Glock sticker on the back of the car. Of course, it WAS early, and I was tired........
  12. Mr H

    Shoulder Rig for a Big Guy?

    imported post Just looking for opinions on folks' favorite shoulder holsters for the plus-sized male. ;-)) Would prefer a vertical, for reasons of perceptionexpressed in other threads, but willing to listen to all options.
  13. Mr H

    Sig P239 v. SF XD9 compact

    imported post Just looking for opinions. I have a P239 SAS I like... a lot... Just wondering if anyone thinks there is a benefit to the XD9 over the Sig, whether it be for OC or CC. I like the idea of the palm safety on the Springfield when it comes to CC, but other than that, I see no real...