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    Glenwood Springs OC?

    Hello Colorado, Washingtonian here. The wife and I are planning a trip to the Glenwood Springs area (Garfield County) this summer for a family gathering. I regularly OC here in rural N.E. WA and northern ID. While I have a CPL for WA I know it's not recognized in CO. Read a few threads from...
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    Out of stater with no issues to report

    Hello Montana. Just wanted to report on my easy experience in your state. I live in Washington and am a regular OCer. Wife and I took a trip to Cody and made a few stops in Montana both in and out. Gas twice at the Town Pump in Whitehall with no problem. Stayed at the wonderful Grand Hotel in...
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    OC in WY by non resident

    So I've tried searching and can only find clarification on OC in YNP, but not the rest of the state. I am a resident of WA. My wife and I wish to plan a trip to Cody. Wyoming does not recognize my CPL so I can't CC. But I can't tell if the state law intends that I can't posses at all (ie OC) if...
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    So what is the consensus? I know the RCW says that to carry loaded IN a vehicle you need the CPL. For those that ride and those that have studied the laws or had encounters: is a CPL required to OC loaded ON a motorcycle? I tried a search and came up empty. May have been my search method but I...
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    OT: Sultan Pits?

    Anyone know of a good spot out in the sticks around Sultan to plink at?
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    WOT: Need Some Help With A Project

    Ok, I know this isn't specifically OC related but it definitely is WA and firearm specific. I need someone to help me with a project to make a jig. If someone in the Puget Sound area (preferably Kitsap County) who has a factory built bobtailed 1911 could help me, I would appreciate it (might...
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    House Bill

    Never mind Please delete this.
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    Stolen Guns

    My neighbor got burglarized and had a bunch of firearms stolen. This is a list that he gave me to spread the word on. They were taken in the predawn hours on 10/17/2011 in Port Orchard, WA. Taurus Mod. 2-850021 .38spl snub-nosed revolver, blued, SN. MI78392 Ruger Vaquero .44mag single action...
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    Ballard Locks

    On Sunday, May 22 2011, my wife, friend and I were visiting the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (Ballard Locks). I was openly carrying my Beretta 92F in a Blackhawk SERPA holster. We visited the site for about 45 minutes. As we were about to leave I was approached by an employee and was told that I...
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    Slightly off topic

    This isn't solely about OC but it is firearm related. I have a sight for my business. I have recently added a section where I will be uploading the videos I used to host on YouTube and I also have added a forum section. The goal of this forum will be more focused on the gunsmithing/design/help...
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    Legal Transfer Advice

    Ok, this is slightly off the OC topic but it is specifically handgun and laws related. I am hoping any of the lawyer folks on here can give me a few free pointers. So, here's the situation. I have a customer who purchased a handgun and I'm doing the transfer for it. State law RCW 9.41.090...
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    Good encounter at the Kitsap Transfer Station

    While at the "dump" and tossing out the recyclables, a very young boy there with his family saw my XD and in a very loud and distinct voice said "Hey, you have a gun". LOL With a big grin, I replied "Yep, I sure do." Then his dad said "That's so he can protect himself" to which I added, "and my...
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    Viking Fest

    imported post Has anyone any experience in OC at Viking Fest? We're going tomorrow morning and I'm considering OCing. I know there is no "legal" reason why I can't, but I'm not sure if the venue operators have prohibited it. Marcus
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    Is it crazy people week?

    imported post For the first time in 15 years of carrying, I actually had to draw on someone. Some young guy came pounding on my sliding glass door a couple hours ago, so I'm on edge since we're very rural and no one should be on our property. He yells that someone is trying to beat him and his...
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    Good OC experience in Port Orchard today

    imported post Had to go in and fix a brain fart on a state pistol transfer form. Got a phone call as I was walking to the Sheriffs office, so I stood outside for about 10-15 minutes chatting with a potential customer. Several people passed by without comment, though I think one looked at my...
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    KCSO Improper Signage

    imported post Here you can see the entrance to the administrative part of the Kitsap County Sheriff's office (in Port Orchard); you know the part with full public access through the WHOLE building where you go to get fingerprints for licenses and such. Not to be confused with the Kitsap County...
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    Celtic Armory

    imported post After a lengthy move from Seattle, I just want to announce to all that my business Celtic Armory is back in business. I now have ALL my licensing and can start conducting business as a Gunsmith, Dealer and Manufacturer of firearms. I will do transfers for $20.:celebrate:monkey:quirky
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    Just Curious anyone OC

    imported post :shock: Has anyone OCed on the ferries? I don't see anything illegal about it; ferries aren't mentioned in state law. I generally CC when I ride the ferries because I really don't need a passenger or two to freak out, call 911, have the ship stopped in mid voyage and have DHS with...
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    Good OC encounter yesterday

    imported post Some friends and my family were out yesterday having some relaxing fun in Bremerton (I know, hard to do there). We went to the USS Turner Joy and walked all over it (our friend was on a ship in the Navy and was giving us a tour from his POV). Then after our three hour tour :shock...
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    Tea Party

    imported post http://www.teapartyday.com/ It's on April 15 and there are a few in WA. I was thinking of going to one in the Puget Sound area and would love to attend with other OCers.