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  1. Tacitus42

    Securitas guard asked me to put my firearm in my car at DOL

    Picking up tabs at the DOL in the Pierce County Auditor's Office bldg 2401 S 35th St #200 Tacoma on fri. Securitas guard [he was armed and tacticooled out] asked me to return my properly holstered Glock 22 to my car as this was a government building. I politely refused stating to him that this...
  2. Tacitus42

    Kitsap County Open Carry Report

    Sat the 19th, went to Walmart in Port Orchard. This guy (pictured) comes up to me and my kids looking very angry and says angrily , " Your the kinda guy that gives the rest of us gun owners a bad name". To which I replied "I do it (OC) to protect my family, and your opinion dont mean s**t to me".
  3. Tacitus42

    North Carolina Woman Arrested For Unloaded Open Carry

    http://www.christophercantwell.com/2013/10/22/north-carolina-woman-arrested-for-unloaded-open-carry/ Police arrived on the scene as she was on her way home. They saw the weapon, called for backup, and then surrounded Tabytha with their guns drawn. “They were screaming ‘PUT THE ******* GUN...
  4. Tacitus42

    Bloomy and MAIG may come here next

    1911er, thought you would like this one.
  5. Tacitus42

    Washoe County Sheriff's, Open Carrier Detained at Gunpoint Again

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU2RV0NgnZc Nevada(fixed) LEOs acting like TX LEOs
  6. Tacitus42

    OT: Unmanned Aerial Drones for SPD - Public meeting

    4 to patrol at all times?? WTF? Time to grow up son. The police are not your friends. Somebody once said something about security,freedom and deserving. Oh well he's dead now. Now we have you...
  7. Tacitus42

    CHP Officer Shot

    http://www.insidebayarea.com/news/ci_21471769/walnut-creek-chp-officer-shot-during-freeway-stop?source=most_viewed A cached look at the software engineer's Spartan personal website offered little information, other than a hint at political leanings: "I also contribute significant time to the Ron...
  8. Tacitus42

    Update: Man Settles for $1000 From City of Lakewood

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmnFNQtrOa0 Yes no firearms sign still up on front door of library. Was told to ignore by library director. After refusing her suggestion i use back door.
  9. Tacitus42

    BOLO stolen glock 21gen4-renton-8-15-12

    is this you dj? OUCH! Lets right this train!
  10. Tacitus42

    Open Carrier's gun seized after DUI arrest. Police won't return

    sirpuma , love to see that cite.
  11. Tacitus42

    LEO Encounter Chambers Creek Regional Park In University Place

    Drove down to Chambers Creek with my 3 kids and 1 of their friends at 1330 today so they could swim. Parked on right side of road across from park entrance. At the trail head sat a University Place Police/Pierce County Sheriff suv. UP contracts with the county sheriff for services. We get out of...
  12. Tacitus42

    South Sound OC Report........

    Watched the Freedom Fair Airshow from the viewing area on Stevens St. RobP came up introduced himself. Also had good conversation with a gentlemen who was interested in open carry, gave him some info and directed him to OCDO. Got my buddy into Oc'ing recently, another one in North Tacoma!
  13. Tacitus42

    Stopped in Tillicum for Foxhole and Library Visit

    After a visit to Discount Guns and Ammo for some Federal HST's, stopped over in Tillicum and this sign was still on the library door. Looks like i will have to call the deputy director again.
  14. Tacitus42

    What is Best Buy's company policy on open carry?

    http://www.inquisitr.com/237865/best-buy-boycotted-over-alleged-hamas-ties/ I'll spend my money elsewhere.
  15. Tacitus42

    Soldier Railroaded!!!!

  16. Tacitus42

    Stopped in Tillicum for Foxhole and Library Visit

    Had my 13yo son with me. Oc'ing my Taurus 24/7. First stop The Foxhole. Halfway through store had a few items picked out when a heavyset lady approaches. "Is that loaded" ? Me "I'm just following state law." Her "We don't allow loaded firearms in the store." Me " I'll just spend my money...
  17. Tacitus42

    Kimber 1911