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  1. RR_Broccoli

    Looks like Sheriff Clark is poking at Mayor Barrett again.

    http://www.channel3000.com/Sheriff-Promptly-return-guns-used-in-self-defense/-/1656/21644044/-/bnq198z/-/index.html Nice to see a little sense from elected officials once in a while. :D
  2. RR_Broccoli

    Do we have a "WI CC For Dummies" write up yet?

    Or do I gotta wait? I don't think Walker will use any sort of line-item veto on the bill, so it might be OK to start working on a write up based on the assumption there won't be any changes.
  3. RR_Broccoli

    See. THIS is what Disorderly Conduct is for....

  4. RR_Broccoli

    Madison.com Article

    http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/article_201ebb8f-9835-5786-a486-32c20c748aad.html Hope this isn't a dupe. If it is, let's talk about high fiber doughnuts.