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  1. wittmeba

    Another Holster option

    I was contacted by a rep from Sticky Holsters http://www.stickyholsters.com/ and asked to add them to my list. Check them out. They look pretty nice and competitively priced. More options: http://www.gotnarcosis.com/brucewittmeier/technical/Holsters.html
  2. wittmeba

    My brother passed Jan 3

    My brother Gary passed away Jan 3 after a 1 1/2 year bout with cancer. It started in his kidney leading to a removal of one kidney - but it had already spread to his lungs and brain. We were notified he had about 2 months and had plans to visit during his final days. We were scheduled to...
  3. wittmeba

    Smart gun control - really?

    Still trying to figure out how this would help in solving cases. What do you think? https://www.yahoo.com/tech/s/smart-guns-tech-bring-transparency-115227845.html
  4. wittmeba

    NRA email that didn't work

    The NRA did a mass e-mailing and the image for a link did not work. I sent an email to inform them. If anyone is wondering what happened here is the a working link (you can manually enter it into the URL from their email too). There are some pretty neat looking Christmas cards...
  5. wittmeba

    Sons of Anarchy

    Anyone watching or seen the series? I don't know what it is but we just keep watching to see whats going to happen next. We are anxious to see the last season - just finished Season 6 last night. Our son has the entire set of DVD's and loaned them to us. I thought the starting seasons about...
  6. wittmeba

    RVing with a gun

    We have considered RVing to see more of the beautiful country but have concerns with carrying a gun, holster & ammo. Any element suggests a gun present and with some states not so friendly I see a potential for some issues. Being raised in SoCal and both having family in the area we have lots...
  7. wittmeba

    Mad-Dad sentenced to Community Service

    If it were one of us we would be doing jail time...but not the Mad-Dad President. http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/state-supreme-court/community-activist-spared-jail-for-mistakenly-bringing-loaded-gun-to-school-20140922
  8. wittmeba

    Lucky email

    Haven't had one of these in quite a long time. Just received this: Think I ought to just go for it? How thoughtful of this guy to pick me.
  9. wittmeba

    Computer/Tablet/iPhone Apps

    With all the variances between places with special signs about open/concealed carry and guns in general, are there any websites that identify these conditionals? I know VCDL has a card that identifies 10 or so but not sure how current it is. It would be nice like the app that identifies...
  10. wittmeba

    Fun reading this story - skeleton used in LB New Pike amusement park

    This story aired on TV years ago as a documentary. What sparked our interest is we used to go to Long Beach New Pike a couple times each summer in the late '60s & early '70s. The haunted house was always on our list to visit. They were using a real skeleton for a prop just inside the door or...
  11. wittmeba

    Concealed carry at its best

    You may have seen this but its worth a laugh and refresher... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9FF3LQlhBs
  12. wittmeba

    Complaints about a kid selling lemonade

    I guess some will complain about anything. If I was driving through a neighborhood and saw kids outside as long as they are not making trouble I would think it was a safe place for kids. And anything that gets kids outside seems positive. Too much TV, Video Games, Cell Phone activities today...
  13. wittmeba

    Kickoff the Football Season

    Just wanted to kick-off the football season with "Go Raiders"! They are overdue, long overdue!
  14. wittmeba

    New to this forum

    Hello all. New here to this forum. Enjoy learning and debating gun matters. Member of NRA, VCDL and several forums. Looking forward!