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  1. theoicarry

    Baraboo Farm and Fleet OC information

    I went to Farm and Fleet this morning and did not OC. I have a couple of times in the past with out having any issues. Today I saw this employee whom I know has been there for over 20 years. We struck up a conversation and I asked about their policy on OCing in this store. She explained that...
  2. theoicarry

    The Reagan Report - Article in the Baraboo News - Legal Guns would Make Norway Safer

    In the Baraboo News Republic on Friday, the editorial section of the paper included this article from Michael Reagan - The son of Ronald Reagan. I could not get to the link on the Baraboo Republic because we do not Subscribe. But did find it on the web. This article is very positive and...
  3. theoicarry

    Ridiculous article in the Baraboo News Paper

    Hi, I cannot respond to the Baraboo News paper as I would like too. At this time I am just fuming reading the comments from the Chief of Police. We (those whom carry weapons are waiting to stop a robbery)? I thought we were attempting to protect ourselves and family? I would appreciate if...
  4. theoicarry

    Hayward and Ladysmith

    Has anyone oc'd in downtown Hayward, in the shops etc, and Lady smith? We have gone there for many years, always carry where we stay without any issues. What about the town and stores? I figure a soon to be law, I do not need any hassles at this point.
  5. theoicarry

    What? You bought more ammo?

    I was sent to a couple of stores on errands! Walked by the ammo section and could not resist. My wife (best friend) reads the receipt and said, ( you bought more ammo?) I said (yes dear). It got quiet. And then she said ( Oh! is that for my gun?) I said (yes dear) It got quiet, and then I said...
  6. theoicarry

    Another priority bill

    This is good to know that tailgaters may be able to purchase their drugs two hours earlier. I love these priorities of our leaders. Where is the CC bill? Just blowing off steam!!!!!! http://www.channel3000.com/politics/27729896/detail.html
  7. theoicarry

    Kel Tec 380

    I have plans on purchasing an Kel Tec 380 pistol for my wife. She needs something smaller and lighter as she can not handle recoil of a 40 cal. My plans are for her using this for CC if this law ever passes. I have read good reports, but have never shot one of these. I assume the recoil is less...
  8. theoicarry

    Hair cut

    I went to the (BEAUTY PARLOR) on Monday to have my hair cut. If I were to have a firearm in my possession? Covered by the sheet for the hair cut would constitute an concealed firearm? (correct)? If that is the case. Can one place the firearm in the holster on the counter by the person cutting...
  9. theoicarry

    Certification for concealed carry in Utah and Florida

    I have contacted the Utah Director of operations / Utah CCW Firearms Instructor American CCW - Academy Security Training - Be Safe Gun Training. My question was could they train anywhere from 500 to 1500 of us at one time in the Madison area. The answer was it could be easily accomplished...
  10. theoicarry

    Truck Driver defends self - Shoots attackers

    In Milwaukee Wisconsin on April 15Th, a honest citizen had a gun in his possession when attacked with by two others whom had a knife. No one was killed, but he was not robbed either. Good News!!!! http://www.channel3000.com/scanner/feature.html?newsWatchItem=9444
  11. theoicarry

    GOD BLESS this Texas girl!

    Here's a video that I guarantee you won't forget anytime soon! She didn't cry, although she came close to losing it, and she gave those a reality check they dearly needed. Texas girl, Judy Dorsett Tyler, had the encroachment on her second amendment rights so graphically illustrated. The...
  12. theoicarry

    1000 foot school zone radius

    This may have been previously answered here so I apologize if I missed it. My question, Is the 1000' restriction from a school measured from the center of the building or center of the property the building is located on. If it is the property that could make quite a difference.
  13. theoicarry

    Wisconsin in a whole world of hurt

    We reached the point of saturation about ten years ago. Taxes need to go down, politicians need to do their job (and not run away). Along with Wisconsin being progressive, we may and very well be the last to be able to defend ourselves against all of the crap that comes from the cities. We are...
  14. theoicarry

    Another reason for congressional carry

    Man stuck in car in snow bank, someone stops to help! http://madisonneareast.channel3000.com/news/crime/man-robbed-after-getting-stuck-snow-bank/47391
  15. theoicarry

    Responce for State Senator Luther Olsen

    Dear Theodore, Thank you for contacting me with your support for Constitutional Carry. I always appreciate hearing from constituents on issues that are important to them. I expect the legislature to pass a bill allowing concealed carry this session and Governor Walker has publically...
  16. theoicarry

    Question - OC in West Baraboo

    Hello, Has anyone here OCd at the Pierces Market in the Village of West Baraboo in the past several months or weeks? Thanks Theo
  17. theoicarry

    I made a visit to Tanager mall

    I did a walk through Tananger this afternoon. There were no signs that said I could not be there. There was no one with a Broom Stick to chase me out. They did not lock the place down and no one had any issues that I am aware of. I guess we need to meet for lunch and go shopping. I did find some...
  18. theoicarry

    Took our golden to the vet.

    I took our Golden Retriever to the vet this morning. I Oc'd, was in close quarters with the Doc and others for more than 1 hour or so. Not so much as a word from anyone. Yes! they are all aware I am not LE.
  19. theoicarry

    Off Duty LEO shoots robber

    Need I say more? http://www.channel3000.com/news/26266443/detail.html
  20. theoicarry

    Places to shoot and practice shooting skills

    Had a thought. Some of us have land where one can shoot and practice at most anytime. I for one am fortunate to walk out the back door of my home to shoot any weapon I have the desire too. May be, we could all compile our assets and open some areas for those whom live in cities and do not have...