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  1. GabrielSchultz

    Put in cuffs at wal-mart

    My Girlfriend, My buddy, his wife and I were shopping at wal-mart. my buddy and I where OCing. We where they're for 30 mins, we were shopping around getting things we needed. 1 police officer came up to us and asked my friend why he had that and then told him to turn around and put his hand's...
  2. GabrielSchultz

    Park Question for Kansas City MO

    Can I Open Carry at a park? I have not found anything saying that I can not do it, but i do not want to be looking and looked over something. I would want to know this before I do go to a park in Kansas City and I'm not wanting to violate any laws, but so far I have not found anything.
  3. GabrielSchultz

    Stoped by cop at QT

    nvm Sorry it took so long to put back up guys. Ive been working alot since this went on. {with the cop} Saterday night i stoped in at my local quick trip. I have never been there OCing, but anyway i stoped in and had my handgun on me openly and a off duty police officer confronted me. he...