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  1. renoglock22

    Just moved to NC

    I recently moved back to Greensboro, after 13 years away. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I have mostly been concealing here, since I am technically not a resident yet and NC recognizes NV permits, and I have got to say, the gun laws here are a little more restrictive than in...
  2. renoglock22

    I was trespassed from Idewild park during Earth Day

    I open carried into the Reno Earth Day event at Idewild park today. I refused to allow them to search my diaper bag so security called RPD on me. They didn't care about my gun but they were pissed that I was asserting my 4th amendment right to refuse search...
  3. renoglock22

    My friend pulled his gun and is now scared

    My friend was followed home by some guy. After they got to my friend's house the guy was threatening to beat his ass and was a well built guy. After this guy started yelling my friend grabbed his gun from his car and headed to the house. The guy followed him and was trying to get into the house...
  4. renoglock22

    Need help interpreting this letter.

    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/74/Batfe2002letter_gfsza1995_ccw.pdf From my understanding of this letter from the ATF, if you have a CCW permit you are permitted to carry in a school zone and the GFSZA doesn't apply. Am I reading this right?
  5. renoglock22

    Another clown giving out wrong info

  6. renoglock22

    Shoulder holster

    I just took my CCW class and was looking for a holster that would be easy to draw from while concealed. I will OC anytime possible but in winter it gets a little tough to OC which is why I am getting the CCW, just in case thing. I was thinking about a shoulder holster because I usually don't zip...
  7. renoglock22

    Took my CCW class yesterday

    I took my CCW class yesterday. Great class, only $60 through Armed and Safe. They do the classes at Scheels. Anyway, they weren't ant OC but the instructor did say that it was not recommended to open carry in any congested area like downtown or places like that because you could be charged with...
  8. renoglock22

    Domestic Battery and possession of firearms question

    Due to the awesome investigative work of the sheriff's department and our fine justice system here in Washoe County, my wife was just stuck with a domestic battery charge. During her hearing the judge told her that she could not own or possess a firearm and that if I had any firearms I would...
  9. renoglock22

    Can you believe this crap?

    I want to know where they get their stats from. I mean come on, "it's the law abiding citizens with guns committing homicides" WTF. http://gunvictimsaction.org/blog/2012/02/do-we-know-what-would-happen-to-the-publics-safety-in-a-country-where-only-the-criminals-had-guns-yes-we-do/
  10. renoglock22

    So it's illegal NOT to listen to the LEO at checkpoints?

    NRS 484B.580 Failure to stop at roadblock; penalties. 1. It is unlawful for a person to: (a) Proceed or travel through an administrative roadblock or a temporary roadblock without subjecting himself or herself to the traffic control established at the roadblock. (b) Disobey...
  11. renoglock22

    visiting Greensboro in the spring.

    So I am going to be coming to town to visit my family for a week. I really don't want to leave my firearm at home across the country. I was wondering if anyone knew any regulations on transporting firearms on a plane and maybe some advice for OCing in NC. A few years ago my dad flew out here and...
  12. renoglock22

    Firearms instructor courses

    I was interested in becoming a certified firearms instructor so that I can help teach people more about safety and stuff like that. All I have found online is NRA courses that are expensive as hell and none that close to here. Does anyone know how to become a certified instructor in Nevada...
  13. renoglock22

    Reno/Sparks RTC

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was legal to carry on the city buses? I have seen signs on the buses that say no firearms but the RTC website says nothing. Given the fact that it is "Public" transportation I should be able to OC. I do know that security and bus drivers get really...
  14. renoglock22

    firearms prohibited signs

    So I was wondering where and how a sign indicating firearms prohibited had to be posted? Here in Reno, at Meadowood Mall, they have a poster sized rule list with about 30 rules posted that you have to squint to read inside their first set of doors on the wall. You will not see this thing unless...
  15. renoglock22

    Can I OC a glock with a round in the chamber?

    imported post I keep trying to find something on this subject but can't find a clear answer. I was told that some states your gun has to be 2 actions from firing. For example guns with a hammer can have one in chamber as long as it is not cocked and safety is on. Since a glock is pull trigger...